clarifying Clarity … (07/31/12)

“In the 20th century Albert Einstein predicted that humans would require a new manner of thinking in order to survive as a species. When I read the same, I thought something else … I thought that humanity will require a renewed commitment to gaining Clarity if we are to THRIVE. After all, despite what the […]

Day 154 … May 2nd (the Truth between the lines)

“If I have to explain it, then I shouldn’t be playing it.” ~ Louis Armstrong “Every tome of Truth is written by its readers.” ~ anonymous

Love never ends … (07/31/12)

“Though I fear her never coming to me, and fear her leaving me once she arrives, I am not that fear. Though I yearn to be by her side and desire to see Love for me dance in her eyes, I am not that desire. I am Love and I Love her … She wi […]

There are no small acts of Love … (07/30/12)

And once you’ve risen above the gloom of regret & parted worry’s fearful fog, you will remember that it is LOVE that matters, and only Love … … and you will remember that the LOVE that matters is the Love that is a verb … … and you will remember that the most powerful LOVE […]

Day 155 … May 3rd (stay fit of Soul)

“Love is simply the re-discovery of our True Self in others, coupled with the delight in that re-cognition.” ~ Alexander Smith … “Oliver Wendell Holmes noted that a mind stretched cannot return to its previous state of being … So it is also with the Heart.” ~ Alan Cohen

escaping the Darkness … (07/30/12)

“I am a emotionaut; a psychological explorer; a wanderer of the inner Void … I choose to go where others fear to tread, so that when they are someday cast there against their will, I will be waiting to Guide them Home.” ~ anonymous In order to gain Clarity; in order to finally See where […]

What are you waiting for? … (07/29/12)

“The only way to get where you want to be, is to choose to really BE where you already are … Great Joy comes from nowhere (now here).” ~ Nanja Naisah Before we can re-member to BE who we truly Are (and actually, who we have always been), we must first have the Courage to […]

Day 156 … May 4th (walking the blade of Truth)

“To love for the sake of being loved is human; but to Love for the sake of Loving is angelic.” ~ Alphonse DeLamartine … “I walk the edge of a sword daily.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

How to be truly Awesome … (07/29/12)

“What is not sought in the right way, will not be found.” ~ I Ching If you are looking for your True Self — the part of you that is Peace-full & Loving & Kind, you won’t find it by surrounding yourself with “good people” or “taking care of yourself”. You will only find your […]

To bring out your Best … (07/28/12)

There is a Purpose for everyone who comes into your life”, she said … “For every loved one, every associate, every stranger & every enemy, there is a reason for their arrival. Some of them are here to test you, others are here to educate you, and the rest, to bless you. The key to […]

Day 157 … May 5th (removing Love’s veil)

“When the Beloved is elsewhere, the lover is a veil. But when Love itself becomes the Friend, all lovers disappear.” ~ Rumi