Farewell New Smyrna Beach! … (11/09/11)

After returning to New Smyrna Beach in the beginning of October, I was blessed to spend a very meaning-full four+ weeks working on this Blog page and caring for (and being cared for by) Simon the cat.  I also completed and uploaded my very first (and to this date only) youtube music video, but that’s […]

Farewell Nantucket! … (10/05/11)

After another 2-day train ride southward, and after a month back in New Smyrna Beach (Florida), I headed to Nantucket, Massachusetts, for a brief visit with Heather and her dog, Riley May.  While there I was also able to share about my Peace Pilgrimage for some folks at The Yoga Room.  This was one of […]

Farewell Chicago! … (09/03/11)

After an interesting 2-day train ride across this gorgeous country (during which I strangely had too much leg-room to sleep comfortably), I arrived in Chicago to visit with several of my closest friends and share about “radical Kindness” with several local groups, including a gathering of civil rights attorneys at the law firm of Loevy […]

Farewell Seattle! … (08/15/11)

After a long 2.5 day bus ride, I finally made it to Seattle, Washington, where I was to spend the next seven weeks — caring for Ozzy the cat (actually more like having him care for me), reveling in a glorious Pacific NW summer, caring for a spunky little puppy on Mercer Island (Milou, pronounced […]

Farewell Wildwood! … (06/21/11)

Alexzanna farms in Wildwood, Georgia, was another 10-day stopover, where I was able to share about my recent Peace Pilgrimage and the “Way of Kindness” — both for a nice gathering of friends and family on the farm itself, as well as in the Wildwood United Methodist Church.

Farewell New Smyrna Beach! … (06/11/11)

After leaving Pompano Beach, I headed north to New Smyrna Beach, where I was blessed to remain for 9 glorious days — sharing the message of “radical Kindness” at Oceanview Yoga (now Yoga Siddhi) and getting to know Heather Peroni, one phenomenal woman.

Farewell Pompano Beach! … (06/01/11)

After covering over 900 miles in 40 days on my Peace Pilgrimage (over 650 of those miles on foot), I arrived May 20th in Lighthouse Point, Florida.  After eating a wonderful celebratory breakfast at IHOP (picture below) with my friend Bev Buncher, I rode to Pompano Beach, where I remained for almost two weeks, sharing […]

Farewell Wildwood! … (04/10/11)

Well, after another six+ months on Alexzanna Farms, it was time to bid farewell once again — this time to commence my 900+ mile Peace Pilgrimage to Pompano Beach, Florida.  It has always been a Joy-full privilege to live and work on this farm.  Caring for the animals, tending the land and sharing with friends […]

Farewell Rhode Island! … (12/14/10)

This was a very nice week-long adventure to a part of the country which I had yet to visit.  While here, I was able to soak up the energy of the Rhode Island coast while helping a good Friend prepare for her own upcoming journey into a life of selfless service (she’s heading to Papau […]

Farewell Wildwood! … (12/07/10)

My return to Georgia this time was also not without much Meaning.   Not only, was I able to continue to care for the Alexzanna Farms animal residents and tend its woods, I was asked by a group of folks from the Chattanooga community to lead a class on “radical Virtue”.  This 11-week event, entitled “A […]

Farewell Stuttgart! … (08/20/10)

What a Wonder-full journey!  I received a gift to travel to Germany for the last five weeks and visit friends & family.  While there, I was not only able to visit wit my son for four straight weeks (Heaven! — with each of us providing one of the greatest acts of selfless service possible:  courageous […]