Waking UP is celebrating the Dawn … (02/28/14)

Awakening is … choosing to celebrate each morning’s fresh dawning. It is openly celebrating this world … and it is openly celebrating your brief-yet-potent time within it.  

Waking UP … Reopening Openness (02/27/14)

Awakening is … opening up to a Friend; openly showing them you Care.  

Waking UP … Sensing the Sonder (02/26/14)

Awakening is … realizing with a brilliant and all-consuming clarity that everyone around you in your life — each & every random passerby, each & every stranger, and each & every friend — is living a life as vivid and as complex and as important as your own; that their lives matter just as much; […]

Waking UP … Repainting Life (02/25/14)

Awakening is … seeing everything (& everyone) around you as a priceless work of art, and treating life itself like a blank canvas — perfectly pristine; waiting patiently for the next bold stroke of your brush.  

Waking UP … Wish Full-fillment (02/24/14)

Awakening is … comprehending the Truth that we need no longer cast wishes upon shooting stars; that every sincere desire of our Souls — every single yearning of any true worth or merit — has already been given us in full.  

Waking UP … Long-lost Friends (02/23/14)

Awakening is … remembering that every stranger you meet is actually a long-lost Friend … and acting accordingly.  

Waking UP … LOVE is Being There (02/22/14)

Awakening is … being there for others (gently & humbly & non-judgmentally) while they rediscover their own innate Cleanliness.  

Waking UP … Life, allWays a Blessing (02/21/14)

Awakening is … recalling the Truth that — no matter how frustrating or difficult or even painful it can sometimes be — being human is always a brilliant blessing.  

Waking UP … Life within each Dying (02/20/14)

Awakening is … knowing there is an inevitable Rebirth on the other side of every passing, while seeing the innate & precious Beauty that lives within every Death.  

Waking UP … Your own Shoes (02/19/14)

Awakening is … realizing that the only shoes you ever need to fill are your own.  

Waking UP … Blending Out (02/18/14)

Awakening is … choosing to get involved — personally & openly — in your Community; choosing not to disappear.