What’s in a Name … (01/12/15)

Once upon a time, a Muslim Imam and a Christian priest were having an intense discussion with a secular mystic about the nature of life and death and salvation. First, the priest quoted the Bible at length to prove that only a total submission to Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord & Savior would appease […]

The 3 Pillars of GOD … (09/01/14)

There is quite a bit of focus these days on the differences between the world’s current major religions — how they contradict one another in dogma and how they differ in practice; how each of them is “wrong” … or “right” … or “true” … or false”. And of course such a focus leads inevitably […]

The Golden Rule … 12/07/13

In case you didn’t already know … the Golden Rule not only transcends the boundaries of your personal religion, the Golden Rule also transcends the boundaries of your personal convenience. Please act (& please eat) accordingly today … Thank you.

Real Religion … 11/24/13

… and yet if our primary emotion is to be Peace, our religion must be grounded in serving others.

All ONE under Heaven … 11/13/13

“We despise all reverences and all the objects of reverence which are outside the pale of our own list of sacred things. And yet, with strange inconsistency, we are shocked when other people despise and defile the things which are holy to us.” ~ Mark Twain The religious dogma you have chosen to profess is […]

rediscovering the Master within … (09/26/13)

I understand how tempting it is to take religious figures and mold their identities to fit our own wishes and bend their teachings to match our own beliefs … We all would love to simply be able to kick back, worship our version of God appropriately and then someday be rewarded with “salvation”. After all, […]

the real Worship … (07/25/13)

It is impossible to worship our version of God until we recognize, release & replace all the ways we worship the things, people & behaviors that are not God. Once we awaken to this simple Truth — once we set aside, even for just one moment, all our fear & our lust & our condemnation […]

Jesus & Buddha — Friends in Forever … (08/05/12)

There are many things this Note might be saying, and each of you will have to decide for yourselves where its Wisdom leads … That having been said, it is important to state that these quotes are not meant to show that Jesus was a Buddhist or that Jesus learned from Buddhists during the “missing […]

It’s all about LOVE … (06/21/12)

The central tenet of all the world’s major religions (i.e. the Core Principle upon which almost every one of them was founded BEFORE becoming perverted by man-made dogma and superstitious zealotries) is essentially the same tenet — one that directly reflects a singular Truth: namely, that the “Way to Peace” is attained solely through acts […]

a Glimpse of God … (01/10/10)

“To catch a glimpse of God, watch a bird in flight … To catch a glimpse of God, watch a toddler at play … To catch a glimpse of God, stand very close to a mirror and gaze into your own eye.” — anonymous God is Light … God is LOVE … God is within […]

Reconciling the Religions (actualized Love) … (09/10/09)

Activity:  Read each the following verses aloud to yourself in succession: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” ~ from the Hebrew Bible, the basis of Judaism “Love your enemies, Do Good to those who hate you …” ~ from the New Testament, the basis of Christianity “And let not your ill-will towards another keep you from […]