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Since re-discovering the powerful nature of unconditional Acceptance (see the About page), I have been traveling from community to community – engaging various acts of selfless service and speaking to thousands of people about the practical nature of selflessness; that it can actually be walked just as readily as it can be discussed. The interactive presentations that have evolved as a result illuminate a clear way to harmonize our spiritual selves with our material lives. They serve as vehicles for distilling the essence of common religious beliefs and philosophical theories to their basic truths and practices. They also unify the core precepts of the world's major religions with the latest developments in physics and psychology, giving all participants a "Blueprint for Being Human." In essence, they share practical methods through which you can actualize deep-seated Peace in your life.

I share these teachings in a variety of formats – as a brief sermon, as a multi-media presentation, as a one-day seminar and as an interactive 3+ day workshop; all of which are available to you completely free of charge ... It has been my blessing to have received this information, and I give it to others just as freely as it was given to me.

Re-Discovering Peace Workshop Workbook
Re-Discovering Peace Presentation Handout
The 3rd Covenant

Below are links not only to synopses of the presentations I have given in the past, but also references to my upcoming events ...

And, of course, if any of you wish to have me come share with you and yours, simply send me a service request , and I'll get back to you!

Setting Truly Healthy Boundaries

Transcending Co-Dependence