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This blog is designed as an archive for my* thoughts & musings on the various practical ways we can all employ to live lives full of Meaning, Joy & Peace.  To make using it a bit easier for you to peruse, all its entries have been sorted into one of the categories that follow (with links thereto found in the right-hand margin of this page) …

NOTE:  While I do endorse the contents of all the entries herein, many of them were edited (and thereby “improved”) while uploading them into hardcopy-ready pdf documents.  As such, please realize that if there is any discrepency between the contents of the posts found here online and the pdf compilations thereof you might have receioved as an email attachment or downloaded from Mediafire, Issuu, or Yumpu, note that the pdf writings are the more recent ones and — at least as far as I am concerned — take precedence … Peace to all.

And now, a brief description of the Blog’s various categories:

366 Days of Kindness — a daily account of my personal journey through the first 91 days of the “Selfless Service Calendar”; a 365 day trek along a road of “radical Kindness”.  An early version of the Calendar is available for viewing &/or download in the “Celestial Calendars” section of this site’s Writings page, and an updated version is due to be found on Mediafire, Issuu & Yumpu by the early Spring of 2017.

40 Days of Gratitude
— providing 40 alternative views of things for which we can all be grateful every day.

100 Answers to 99 Questions
— here to be found:  100 “deep” Answers to 99 “deeper” Questions.

A Tribute to Todd — a collection of quotes, images, and stories that remind me of the magnificence that was my brother, Todd A. Hilbers, who passed away in the wilderness outside Silver City (New Mexico) sometime between late-2010 and early-2011 … RIP, my dear Friend!

A Year of Love & Wonder
— a daily calendar of inspirational Beauty & profoundly practical Wisdom.

ACPS: EmPowering True Self — the chronological synopses of the 11-week course I offered on radical Kindness (entitled “A Course in Practical Selflessness”) to the Chattanooga (Tennessee) community in the early Fall of 2010.  It also includes links to the live recording of each class, as well as all class handouts (all available for free download).

Adventures of a Numinous Nomad — dozens of stories from the 900+ mile Peace Pilgrimage I walked in the spring of 2011 from Wildwood, Georgia, to Lighthouse Point, Florida.  Over 650 miles of this Journey were traveled on foot, and the entire trip was made without the use of money — with me fasting until offered food and walking until offered shelter; an inspirational testimony to the innate Goodness of Humanity, and the latent brilliance that rests within each & every one of us.

Avant Garde Bible Study (AGBS) — a chronological synopses of the 14-week course on many of the LOVE-based alternative teachings found in the ancient manuscripts of the Bible; a course I offered the Chattanooga (Tennessee)  community in the Spring of 2010.  It also includes links to the live recording of each class, to each week’s supplemental recordings, as well as to all class handouts (all available for free download).

Eleven Last Wishes
— were I to be laying on my deathbed, what I would wish for all with my last eleven breaths.

Enlightening Enlightenment
— While the arduous road to “enlightenment” has been discussed at length by many “self-help” authors, religious leaders, and spiritual teachers — and while it is true that longer periods of disciplined behavior can indeed help one to someday awaken to “inner peace”, an experience of something far more profound (what I call true Bliss) is available to us all in every moment of our lives.  Just as importantly, it only takes one instant for us all to arrive there!   With this in mind, these posts look into not only many of the myths surrounding “self help”, “enlightenment”, and “personal growth”, but also offer practical tips for instantly experiencing how it feels to be truly at Peace & deeply Jof-full.

Exhuming Easter
— a work that harmonizes the six Biblical accounts of the last days of Jesus Christ, and concludes with an anlysis of what the Bible itself infers actually happened on that very first “Easter weekend”.

Exposing the “lesser virtues”
— a collection of short essays on many of the character traits that we have been taught are “good” or “noble” or “worthy” (e.g. trust, hope & commitment), but that actually are choices that greatly intensify our times of mental & emotional suffering.  In addition, more functional Values — ones that actually bring us & others deep-seated Peace & real Joy — are discussed as alternatives.

God of wrath; God of LOVE
— a scripturally-sound defense of The Divine; showing why the texts of the Bible provide copious evidence for a God whose Love is perfect & without condition – a God who absolutely refuses to ever test us with either trial or tribulation.

In LOVE with Humanity
— a collections of posts highlighting many of the talented &/or Kind people who inspire and encourage me to unconditionally LOVE & selflessly serve all my fellow Human Beings every day.

Jesus & Paul
— a portrayal of the differences & similarities between the beliefs of Paul & the teachings of Jesus.

Knowing God’s Will
— a look both scholarly & practical into what the Bible has to say about rediscovering & re-enlivening God’s Will for your life.

Licking the Razor’s Edge — While alcoholics and drug-users are branded as “addicts”, it is wise for us to remember that we are all addicted to various substances &/or behaviors.  These entries take a deeper look into not only the more obvious addictions to alcohol, nicotine and coffee, but also the more insidiously subtle addictions that plague many of us as well — with each post first identifying a particular addiction, and then offering simple-yet-effective methods for cleansing the same from your life.

Loosening the Lies of LOVE
— a few brief glimpses into the Truths behind a few of the more common misconceptions folks have about LOVE — including what it is, what it does, and how it can be attained &/or enlivened.

Maximizing the Maxims
— a collection of statements that serve to “purify” (and thereby strengthen) many of the world’s more beloved proverbs and wise sayings.

Minimizing the Myths of Meat — a poignant look into the cruel world of the meat-eater, including factually neutral exposés of all the common arguments meat-eaters make against the compassionate & ethical alternative that is veganism.

My favorite Verses
— a collection of a few of my personal verses  from the Bible, along with a brief commentary on the deeper meaning(s) of each.

My Life in pictures — a collection of images showing many of the “important places” & a few of the “important people” from the first 44 years of my life (1967 – 2011).

Peace-full Poetry — a collection of some of my favorite poems & verses of poetry; all of which I feel enliven at least one portion of the Road to Self-emPowerment (or Self re-Discovery).

Practical tips for Peace-full living — a few practical considerations we can all use to live Power-full & Peace-filled lives.

Preserving Paradise
— a scripturally sound and spiritually neutral examination of what both reason & the Bible have to say about damnation & salvation (including an exposé of the practical, non-religious consequences of each).

Protesting with POWER
— a collection of articles & comments related to the many ways we can all enhance the Love & Justice of the world via Peace-full protest & non-violent Disobedience.

Purifying Patriotism — a few fresh thoughts on what it means to “love your country”, and what it could mean to LOVE your country.

Questions for Christians — After not only studying the Bible’s deeper mysteries for many thousands of hours, but also having the courage to put its teachings into practice for many years (to see what “Spiritual Fruit” the various scriptural interpretations bring forth), I offer herein my answers to many of Christianity’s more profound conundrums … enJOY!

Re-Vealing Revelation
— a deeper, gentler look into the Bible’s final “chapter” — what it actually says; and what it could indeed actually mean.

Reconciling the Religions — a comparative analysis of what various world religions have to say about some of Life’s primary spiritual themes.

Sanctifying Sentience
— various essays dedicated to by far the most important cause on the planet in this day & age — animal rights & animal liberation.

Simple Answers to tough Questions — my responses to the various “bigger questions” that have been asked me over the years. If your particular Question is not to be found, please feel free to contact me; I’d be honored to be a sounding board for the re-Discovery of your true SELF thereby.

The Inaleinable Eleven
— a new Bill of Rights, so to say; a sharing fo the innate Human Freedoms that can never be lost or limited, no matter what — no matter by whom.

Waking UP
— a brief series of illustrated revelations about what it means to truly Awaken to your True Self; about what it means to be truly Alive in this amazing life.

Walking The Camino’s Way
— a collage of pictures & journal entries from my 555+ mile trek along the Camino de Santiago; a pilgrimage I made on foot from St. Pied du Port (in France) to Finisterre (on the NW coast of Spain) in the Fall of 2008.

Wisdoms from the Journey — a collection of favorite quotes (and a few short commentaries thereon) that I have either heard or read during my life’s travels.

Wonders remembered — a few of the memories & stories from my past that I find most amazing &/or amusing.

Z whereabouts of mySelf — where I am & where I have recently been; including what services I engaged at said locations, and a few of the wonders I experienced while residing there.

In conclusion, please NOTE as well that, though I am often “on the road” where Internet access isn’t guaranteed, I want you to feel free to send me comments on the blog, on the website, or just on Life itself (my personal email address is rediscoveringpeace@gmail.com) …

I will try to respond to all questions posed to me, though cannot promise that I will be able to do so quickly.  Nevertheless, I’d be honored to hear from you — and to assist each and every one of you in any way I can!

Until then, Be Now — and Be in Peace!



*To find out more about my Life-Journey, please go to this website’s “Bio” page &/or “FAQ’s” page.