(i)am Publications

Over the years, as I was asked certain questions about the Meaning of Life and/or experienced its Truths myself, I tended to make notes about my discoveries, opinions and findings. Over time, these notes became various articles that I then sent to whomever showed interest. One of the purposes of this website is to make all of these collections available to the public. Every poem, pamphlet, article, calendar and book I have ever written will soon be included herein, and all of them will be able to be directly downloaded free of charge. I feel that I have received this information freely from the Universe, and thus I gladly give it all freely back to each of you ...

In order to make your search through what will soon be hundreds of different writings more efficient, I have grouped them into the five main categories below ...

Tools and Handbooks
Wisdom Anthologies
Proto-Christian Writings
Peace-Full Inspirations
Celestial Calendars

I have faith that you will find what you are looking for. If not, of course, please feel free to contact me and ask for more information on the question or theme that is of particular interest to you.

Discerning Truth
Workshop Workbook

This is the workbook for the (i)am workshop on how to access the internal Wisdom of the conscience and how to interpret the external Guidance of what many call "synchronicity" (and what others call "coincidence", "hunch", "intuition", or "God's Will").

Re-Discovering Peace
Workshop Workbook

Activities, Wisdoms, Exercises, & Explanations that accompany the "Re-Discovering Peace" workshop I have shared many times over the past several years -- a workshop that allows its participants' "divine talk" to be divinely walked.

The 3rd Covenant
Workshop Workbook

The workbook for the workshop that allows its participants to re-Discover the Word of God within the words of the Bible, while simultaneously rediscovering The Way of LOVE within the life of Jesus Christ -- and thereby rediscovering that same Way within their own lives as well.

Licking the Razor's Edge

There are many addictions that are just as destructive as alcohol or drug use -- addictions that we ALL exhibit in one manifestation or another, and it is with this Truth in mind that this book sets forth to help its readers both identify and free themselves from the hidden addictions that bind them.

Lessening the Lies of Love

A brief yet profound exposé of many of the more common myths & misconceptions related to love, partnership, romance, & relationship.

Eleven Last Wishes

In case today has indeed been my last day -- and in case any of you might ever wonder what my "Last Wishes" were during my final, overflowingly-grateful-to-have-been-alive-at-all breath, here they are -- all eleven of them.

Rumi: the essence of Essence
A collection of verses from Rumi's ecstatic poetry.

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A Hall of Saints
Divine Truths from a few Noble Men & Women...

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Knowing God's Will
What the Bible itself has to say about re-discovering God's Will for your life.

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Our God of Love
How the Bible itself defines God as an all-forgiving agent of Love; not one of wrath or judgment.

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A Day with Daddy
A summer's day described through the eyes of a two year-old son.

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Peace is the Way
A call for each of us to become an active Force for Good in the world.

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Selfless Service Calendar
How to Live Life Positively & Peace-fully -- and thereby Power-fully.

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