The Myths of Meat … an Introduction

“Awareness is bad for the meat business. Conscience is bad for the meat business. Sensitivity to life is bad for the meat business. Denial, however, the meat business finds indispensable.” ~ John Robbins I was recently languishing in a bit of a quandary:  It seemed that almost every time I engaged others in open & […]

Myth #01: “But animals are made of meat.”

“Meat” is a merely a convenient label we humans have placed upon the rendered flesh of a dead animal. As such, while it is indeed true that pigs and cows and chickens and turkeys are “made of meat”, so are the bodies of dogs and cats and horses and hamsters — and humans. Just because […]

Myth #02: “Mind your own business.”

When your food choices directly fund the diseases that are flooding our hospitals, the industry that is destroying the global ecosystem, and the farmers & slaughterhouse workers who are torturing & murdering the lives of millions of my dear Friends … then it has become my business. Current status of this Myth: Dismantled Justification it […]

Myth #03: “Stop pushing your beliefs on me.”

Vegans are not the ones spending billions of dollars on advertising that incessantly shoves lies into our faces every day – That is the meat & milk industry … Vegans are not the ones trying to manipulate us into filling our bodies with the dead carcasses and carcinogenic secretions of imprisoned animals – That is […]

Myth #04: “You vegans are so arrogant & judgmental.”

I can only speak for myself, of course, and yet there is a huge difference between arrogantly championing personal desires at the expense of others health & well-being, and courageously championing the rights of others at the expense of one’s personal ease & comfort.  Just because a vegan is adamant about the rights of the […]

Myth #05: “The suffering of animals doesn’t bother me.”

Your choice to refuse to empathize with the suffering of others is nothing to brag about, and actually runs fully contrary to the greater moral awareness with which we are all born, and indeed the fundamental moral awareness we all still possess within us to this day. Even if this knowledge is repressed later in […]

Myth #06: “Quit preaching to me.”

I’d like to think that when you see a dog abandoned in a car on a hot day — or when you see an adult hitting a child — or when you see a man physically abusing a woman, that you feel compelled to step in and do something; and not only that you merely […]

Myth #07: “It’s the End Times, so it doesn’t matter.”

(also heard as “YOLO” or “You should enjoy life while you can.”) Whether or not the world is going to soon end has absolutely no bearing on the level of decency and justice we are to show other beings.   And besides, you may not know it yet, but there is no greater Joy than knowing […]

Myth #08: “But if I go vegan others will be offended.”

(also heard as “I don’t want to make anyone else uncomfortable.”) Fair enough … I guess it all boils down to how you define “impolite”. And yet regardless of how you do so, it is fairly easy to see that it is actually far more impolite to inflict other sentient beings with misery, mutilation & […]

Myth #09: “But it won’t succeed/happen overnight.”

(also heard as “Me going vegan won’t change anything soon, so why do it?” or “The whole world will never be completely vegan, so why even try?”) Throughout human history, the only thing that has ever changed the world for the better has been smaller groups of courageous, dedicated people joining forces to stand up […]

Myth #10: “Relax … You think too much.”

  Being vegan is not about “thinking” … It’s about CARING. Closing your eyes to cruelty doesn’t make it go away, my Friends. And if being exposed to the cruelty that your choices directly support bothers you, then the place to look is not at the one doing the exposing … … the place to […]