Re-Vealing Revelation — Cover page

Re-Vealing Revelation … … a deeper, gentler look into the Bible’s final “chapter” Some quite important reading … both for those considered “damned”, as well as those doing that damning. via Scaughdt … an (i)am publication (3rd edition)

An introduction’s Introduction …

“The book of Revelation contains as many mysteries as it does words.” ~ St. Jerome (one of the principle founders of the Christian church)   “Where the book of Revelation is concerned, I hold the view that the early church fathers released something very dangerous on the world when … they decided to include it […]

Revelation … an Introduction

For a number of years now, I have consistently witnessed a somewhat disturbing phenomenon – namely, that many of my Christian friends, at some point during our discussions about the nature God & Jesus & Heaven & Hell, almost invariably “prove” their point by quoting a verse or a passage from the book of Revelation; […]

Consideration #01) We are talking about Jesus

Initially, it is important to realize that the author of Revelation clearly claimed that the same Jesus Christ of the Gospels was also his tome’s “wrathful redeemer”.  Indeed, the very first words of Revelation’s very first verse identify it to be “The revelation of Jesus Christ”, even though the last words of that same verse […]

Consideration #02) Jesus, the non-Davidian Measiah

Secondly, while seemingly speaking of the future, Revelation clearly references words from the past, and it does so purposefully – with much of its verses representing the apparent fulfillment of the prophecy found in the book of Daniel (see Daniel 12:4).  Indeed, the author of Revelation quotes Daniel 7:13 at the very beginning of his […]

Consideration #03) Contrasting Jesus & “Jesus”

Thirdly, the contrast between the Jesus mentioned in Revelation and the Jesus found in the Gospels can be seen in the dramatically different way they are portrayed in the Bible … Consider that —   *… the “Jesus” of Revelation announces seven “Beatitudes of Death” (see verses 1:3, 14:13, 16:15, 19:9, 20:6, 22:7 & 22:14), […]

Some specific contrasts — Chapter 01

*Revelation 1:7 notes that on Jesus’ account “all the tribes of the Earth will wail”, while Jesus himself makes it clear in the Gospels that the primary purpose of his ministry is that our “Joy might be complete.” (see John 15:11) *Revelation 1:16 & Revelation 2:12 both have Jesus’ mouth becoming a “two-edged sword” – […]

Some specific contrasts — Chapter 02

*Chapter 2 of Revelation has Jesus openly condemning many in the churches mentioned therein, while Gospel Jesus made it clear that he would never condemn anyone.  (see John 3:17, John 8:15, John 12:47 et al) *Revelation 2:4 shows Jesus openly desiring to be adored by the Ephesians, while Jesus himself consistently “accepted the glory of […]

Some specific contrasts — Chapter 03

*Revelation 3:2 intimates that Jesus will judge us if our works are not “perfect in the sight of my God”, while the Jesus of the Gospels asks rather that our Love become “as perfect as the Father.” (see Matthew 5:48 + Luke 6:45) *Revelation 3:5 has Jesus claiming to erase the unworthy from the Book […]

Some specific contrasts — Chapter 04

*Revelation 4:3-6 & Revelation 21:21 both show Paradise as being a physical place seemingly composed of precious stones & gold into which the “saved” would one day enter, while Gospel Jesus noted that his “The Kingdom of Heaven” was a realm that was spiritual – fully immaterial in nature, and fully available to all.  (see […]

Some specific contrasts — Chapter 05

*Revelation 5:5 makes it clear that only an ancestor of David can open the mentioned scroll and its seven seals, and yet Jesus himself made it quite clear in the Gospels that he was not the Davidian Messiah at all.  (see Matthew 16:20, 22:18, 22:41-45, 24:1-2, 24:23-27, 26:63-64, Mark 1:25, 1:38, 3:12, 8:27-30, 9:9, 10:17-18, […]