Purifying Patriotism … a brief introduction (07/04/14)

Well, July 4th has come upon us once again — and once again the majority of Americans will be celebrating the “greatness” of the country they call their own. And, seeing as how most of these well-intended & deeply caring folks have almost certainly forgotten how damaging such patriotic zealotry has been in the past […]

Loosing the Legacy of Liberty … (07/04/14)

Fact #01: America has earned its mixed reputation. While the government of the United States has indeed been a beacon of generosity and forthrightness over the years (and while far more individual Americans have done the same, often to en even greater degree), the reputation of America remains a justifiably tainted one. In essence, no […]

The Home of the Braves … (07/04/14)

Fact #02: America actually began as the home of the enslaved and the land of the cowardly. I will freely & joyfully admit that it is undeniably true that the United States still affords its people more freedoms than many other nations. It is also undeniably true that many an American has indeed performed many […]

Unblessed are the Warmakers … (07/04/14)

Fact #03: If Jesus was right, and God truly does love those who make Peace, then America has a LONG way to go before being truly blessed by God. Herman Goering’s dark beliefs about the innate gullibility of humanity (see below) have proven to be disturbingly true in the United States — especially over the […]

The Land of the unFree – part 1 … (07/04/014)

Fact #04: Despite a resounding popular opinion to the contrary, America is NOT the land of the truly Free. I figured that these “anti-patriotism” (i.e. ironically, pro-Freedom) posts would get a bit of flak, and indeed they have! It seems that quite a few of you have read them to be anti-American — which is […]

The Land of the unFree — part 2 … (07/04/14)

Fact #05: America is still not yet “the Land of the Free” (Part 2) While it is true that America did finally end legalized slavery in the late 1800’s, and while it is true that America did finally recognize a woman’s right to vote in 1920, and while the American government did finally offer an […]

Christian nation or nation of Christians? … (07/04/14)

Fact #06: At least according to America’s founding fathers, the United States was never intended to be a Christian nation, and therefore to this day still isn’t one. “I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny … Of […]

Patriotsim Purified … a brief conclusion (07/04/14)

“The secret of true Freedom rests in providing one’s fellow citizens with solid information about the true nature of their nation and its government, whereas the essence of tyranny lies in keeping those same people blind and ignorant of the same.” ~ inspired by Robespierre Let it be known that my sole intention underlying these […]