Peace in a Heartbeat … (08/09/16)

Hey Obama … Just a friendly reminder: If war can happen in a heartbeat, so can Peace.

Knowing the Enemy … (08/07/16)

“It is not our abilities or our circumstances that define Who we Are — It is our choices …The enemy of Destiny is fear. We think it is our economic limitations or our physical challenges or the hatred & the ignorance of others around us, but the real enemy isn’t any of those things at […]

The most Beauty-full thing … (08/06/16)

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, for it is the numinous source of all true art and science … Indeed, he to whom enraptured emotion is but a stranger, and she who can no longer pause enclosed in awe, are both as good as dead. Their eyes are truly closed even […]

To be filled with Glory … (08/03/16)

“Look at everything always as though you were either seeing it for the first or the last time: Thus will your time on Earth ever be filled with glory. Look at everyone always as though you were either seeing them for the first or the last time: Thus will your time on Earth ever be […]

To Become so much … (07/24/16)

“Fiery sunsets remind me of who I have grown to be and who I have agreed to remain — Honest; authentic with my Self by remaining Caring towards others. I am ever-able to offer my full presence; Giving what is necessary to Love fully by serving selflessly … Tonight I remember these things, that tomorrow […]

The Brevity of Live … (07/16/16)

“When we finally come to understand the incontrovertible brevity of life, its fleeting joys and unavoidable pains; when we finally come to accept the simple fact that all of us are every day steadily approaching an inevitable end: the mere awareness of this awesome Truth makes us more considerate of each other. Knowing that we […]

Stormy night, stormy Day … (07/07/16)

“Here is tonight’s stormy sunset … I am grateful for this gentle reminder that I must simply change where I set my gaze in order to increase peace … My heart beats through my vision … When I am angry, frustrated, or afraid of the horrors and injustices going on in our world, it is […]

To Blaze the Trail … (07/03/16)

Even though we as a species are indeed falling, we CAN use such times of fear & bewilderment to empower Great Acts of LOVE … And, once just enough of us choose do so for just long enough, we as a species will indeed collectively awaken once more to the Truth that we are merely […]

The Giving Tree … (07/02/16)

The quote that follows is probably the best synopsis of the brilliant book “The Giving Tree” that I have ever read … It absolutely nails it — just like the book absolutely nails it. Some folks are starting to wake up to the fact that the only true Joy in life comes not merely when […]

THE Answer … (07/01/16)

If you are looking to lead a fulfilling life that is in harmony with what some call your Calling and others call “God’s Will”, I’ve got some good news: While walking it might indeed be ever-challenging, finding it is pretty darn simple … Peace to ALL.

To Weather the STORM … (06/25/16)

When your life’s next Great Storm begins to rage & bluster, know that there are two methods of approach that can bring Peace — either flow around it and onward to horizons other; … or remain steadfast, raise your hands to the heavens, and let the wind & rain cleanse the dust from your Soul.