40 Days of Gratitude … an introduction

Forty different “Facts of Life” for which we can all be Thank-full every day … “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for everything that comes to you, and of giving thanks continuously.   Because all things have contributed to your advancement, all thus things can be included in your gratitude.”   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gratitude 01 … Being Alive

Today I am grateful for awakening again to my conscious Life; for being given another chance to go forth and choose to become a Force for Good in the world (despite my more primitive, instinctual urges to merely “take care of myself”). In addition, I am thankful to reawaken to Life’s intrinsic Meanings “deeper”, such […]

Gratitude 02 … Partnership

Today I am grateful for all my Partnerships — both those relationships “tried & True” that continue to unceasingly provide me with support and guidance, as well as those pairings “fickle” that have provided me with amazingly difficult opportunities to “Love anyway” … And it is the latter upon which I focus my thankfulness now. […]

Gratitude 03 … Sacred Spaces

Today I am grateful for Sacred Spaces external — those natural havens of Peace where the energies of the Earth seem to pulse a bit quicker and flow a bit stronger. They are known by many titles of reverence: “place of power”, “holy ground”, “vortex”, “energy eddy”, “citadel of calm”, “ley-line nexus” and “my favorite […]

Gratitude 04 … Children

Today I am grateful for children — both the joy they bring as well as the lessons they teach.  It has been said that children laugh on average 400+ times per day, and regardless of whether or not this is true, it does seem impossible for me to be in the presence of a child […]

Gratitude 05 … Oneness

Today I am grateful for ONENESS … *I am grateful for the ONENESS that has me remembering my interconnected kinship with everything around me, even while feeling independently separate from it all; the innate Understanding that life is not happening to me as much as it is happening with me.   *I am grateful for […]

Gratitude 06 … Love

Today I am grateful for Love — both the feeling of deep-seated Peace that washes over me in all my moments of selflessness, as well as the ever so subtle base-frequency that is the foundation of the material Universe.   It is true that there are still times when I yearn for pleasures I no […]

Gratitude 07 … Duality

Today I am grateful for Duality — the essence of my conscious awareness; both my ability to know that I live, along with the foundation of any ability I might have to make that life Meaning-full … As such, I am thankful.   * I am thankful for my duality of self vs. Self; the […]

Gratitude 08 … Sound

Today I am grateful for sound — both those ringing out all around me, as well as those pealing softly within … *I am thankful for music & drumbeats, for trickling waters & storms of wind & rain, for the laughter of children & the giggling of adults, for the howls of coyotes & the […]

Gratitude 09 … God

Today I am grateful for the Divine Essence many call “God” (with all Its names & forms & genders). It is the center of every atom, and the standard-bearer of my conscience. It is the essence of my conscious awareness, and the Light of my Love. It is the inspiration for all my acts of […]

Gratitude 10 … Death

Today I am grateful for death — that ominous & shadowy peril that lurks around every corner and resides deep within every creature’s every breath.  For as sturdy as Life remains as a whole, each individual life therein holds on to its existence by the thinnest thread of grace — a thread made stronger with […]