The Greater Commission … 12/24/13

THE GREATER COMMISSION … (a candlelit look into the Meaning of Christmas) Though I myself have chosen to live as a humble-yet-devout “Follower of The Way” of Jesus Christ, and as such NOT as a practicing member of the Christian church, I do appreciate & respect the undeniable relevance that the Christian faith commands in […]

real Discipleship … 11/19/13

The primary focal point of Jesus’ ministry was the deconstruction of ALL social barriers that excluded or isolated … So who is on your in list? Who’s actually invited to your table? And, who — because of financial status, career choice, religious affiliation, political views, sexual proclivities, ethnicity, gender or whatever else — has been […]

on War & Peace – Obama & the Bible … (09/16/13)

“I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian. I believe in the redemptive death & resurrection of Jesus Christ.” ~ Barack Obama “If you Love Me, keep my Commandments.” ~ Jesus Christ (John 14:15) “This is my Commandment: that you Love one another as I have Loved you …” ~ Jesus (John 15:12) […]

What would Jesus NOT do? … (08/25/13)

Seems like everywhere I go, I find folks trying to use the Bible to “prove” that their current way of living is acceptable in the eyes of God — to justify their own sins of callousness & cruelty, and to affirm their own condemnatory judgments of the sins of others. It’s sad, really, as the […]

Revelation re-Vealed … (08/13/13)

A Re-Vealing Look into the book of REVELATION (important reading for both the damned & the damning) “But nothing unclean shall enter [Heaven], nor any one who practices abomination or falsehood, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” ~ Revelation 21:27 For a number of years now, I have consistently […]

Spiritual Fruits & religious nuts … (08/12/13)

It seems like every time I bring up anything controversial about the any of the verses in the Bible — any time I happen to point out a verse here or there that does not at all reflect the perfect LOVE preached by Jesus Christ in the Gospels, some well-meaning Christian will calmly tell me […]

Homosexuality & the Bible … (08/11/13)

HOMOSEXUALITY & THE BIBLE: a few final Words … It never ceases to amaze me — Here we are in the year 2013, and conservative Christians are still using the Bible to condemn the lifestyle choices & spiritual beliefs of others who happen to behave differently & worship differently than they do. The harsh words […]

Hypocrisy rules … (08/04/13)

The last Pope just got right up and cancelled purgatory … All those years of traumatized mothers believing their unbaptized infants were suffering in limbo just tossed out the window. Now the new Pope can’t seem to make his mind up on homosexuality. I admit that these priests put on a good show, and yet […]

becoming a true Witness … (08/03/12)

The truly humble “Man of God” witnesses his sincere Faith with his caring deeds, not his pious preaching … she does so with her acts of gentle Kindness, not her harsh words of condemnation.

LOVE is truly simple … (07/24/13)

The matter is quite simple … The teachings on Love in the Bible are actually very easy to understand. And yet many Christians use other verses in the Bible itself to justify not being Kind to those with beliefs or lifestyles different than their own. They use their religion to justify the ultimate damnation of […]

A true Pastor is one with his flock … (07/23/13)

The true “Man of GOD” refuses to be wealthier than the poorest member of his or her congregation … … “And yet judgement is best left to Him” ~ Julie Honeycutt … and discernment is only left to us! “Do not judge by appearances, but discern with unbiased perception.” ~ Jesus (John 7:24) “Brothers and […]