Reinventing Life … (02/17/17)

You can only reinvent your life when you reinvent your Self, and you can only reinvent your Self while you reinvent your Living — when you reinvent what you do; not by reinventing how you do it, but by reinventing WHY you do it in the first place … For as long as you are […]

Life is NOT a Journey … (02/02/17)

As long as you see your life as a Journey, you will never get anywhere worth getting … For the only place ever worth getting to, of course, is the place you already are … Awaken to this Truth; the Truth that your life is not a span of time in which you “improve” or […]

Dancing is The Way … (02/01/17)

“To live means to be creative, and to be creative means to be in love with life. You can be this kind of creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance the Beauty of something nearby; you want to bring a little more music to a relationship, a little more poetry […]

Walking ON … (01/17/17)

Beauty is not what is seen by others as beautiful … Beauty is what is Done for others in Love. “Was she simply too shallow to suffer indefinitely, or was she too wise to become attached to her suffering; too feisty to permit it to rule her life? She voted for wise and feisty and […]

A wish from the Heart … (01/11/17)

When Love becomes a verb, every discord becomes harmonious & every chaos, a symphony.  

Banksy & Star Wars … (12/29/16)

Enough said … Truly; much more than enough.  

Lifting You Out … (10/24/16)

“Everything I have written has been written for the express purpose of lifting you out of the common delusion that you are nothing more than a mere man or woman — lifting you out into the greater reality of your real relationship to the Divine; lifting you into an awakened appreciation of your interconnectedness with […]

Turning Life ON … (10/11/16)

Hillary supporters championing their blatant war-monger candidate out of fear over an impotent blowhard … The United States & Russia bombing the bajeesus out of innocents in Syria … Political corruption and full-on full-shilled sell-outs at every turn (Yes, I am talking about you Elizabeth Warren — and Al Franken — and Amal Clooney — […]

LOVE will prevail … (10/08/16)

Dark times are upon us, my Friends — of that there can no longer be any doubt. The forces of greed & wickedness are more formidable than ever, and it can often seem as though they will overwhelm us all; as though they will swallow the Light and never let us see a new dawn […]

Settling for Everything … (10/08/16)

“It’s so easy for us to settle — to settle for comfort; to settle for security; to settle for ease; to decry the courageous in favor of settling for the accepted or the familiar or the popular … And this caving to convenience is understandable. After all, we are driven by eons-old instincts to find […]

Repairing Reality … (09/07/16)