Getting started Anyway … (06/24/17)

Even the most “enlightened” of masters used to ask the “dumbest” of questions … Even the most skilled of dancers used to stumble through the easiest of steps … Even the most caring of Saints used to succumb to temptations of selfishness, apathy, hopelessness, and anger. The key to WAKING UP — the key to […]

The Source of all real Justice … (06/22/17)

If you are looking for a solution to the evils of your world, you will not find the same in the words of your politicians or the prayers of your preachers … Indeed, there is only one solution remaining for what ails us as a species, and the only place you will find that solution […]

It is what it IS … (06/21/17)

Newsflash: If you live in the United States of America, you will NOT receive Justice — neither from the highly militarized (and now uber-repressive) domestic police force there, nor from the highly corrupted (and now uber-politicized) domestic justice system … And this Truth, which used to apply solely to minorities and the downtrodden, now applies […]

Always Power-full … (06/18/17)

It is so True what Ms. Keller acknowledges in this quote — so True that we are always beings of great potency and magnificent consequence — the Truth that there is always Good to be done, and that said Good is always important to do — and the Truth that this is especially the case […]

We (humanity) will WIN … (06/17/17)

I happen to have been born a straight male, and yet I don’t have to be gay or bi or trans to stand with my LGBTQ+ brothers & sisters in their struggle for justice & equality … In point of fact, I don’t have to be anything to stand up for what is Right and […]

Re-membering real Family Values … (06/14/17)

Newsflash: If you are looking for Family Values that are worth emulating, the last place you will hear them is from the mouth of a politician, and one of the last places you will ever see them in action is in a dogma-deluded church … For if you really want to rediscover true Family Values […]

Living the Good Way … (06/09/17)

Upon nearing the end of his long life, a venerable Master came to five of his most devout adherents and humbly asked for an audience … After they had gathered around him, he smiled and siftly spoke — “My time is drawing to a close, my Friends, and thus our time together has begun to […]

The barrage of Mirage … (06/08/17)

These days one of the few things that we can be certain regarding the Truth is that the mass media isn’t portraying any of it … Being informed is only worthwhile when the source of your information is worthy, my Friends. So turn off your televisions, and do so post haste — for all those […]

When in doubt, DO … (06/03/17)

The unknown breeds uncertainty — creates doubt — birthes anxiety — and ultimately leads to paralysis. And the unknown is a constant — surrounding us in every moment of our lives. And this means that unless we are careful — indeed, unless we are boldly Care-full — we will remained paralyzed; essentially dead to life; […]

Oh, the Greatness we will Be … (06/10/17)

In times of darkness it is not possible to know the Sun, and yet the new morning is ever on its way … In times of wind and rain it is not possible to know true Calm, and yet the sky always clears anew … In times of violence and subjugation it is not possible […]

The wondrousness of Whit … (05/31/17)

Walt Whitman would have been 198 today (may 31) … How wonderful that, even though he himself could not live this long, his words will live on far longer still …