Who I will ever Be …

So, I was hanging out and and reading my Bible the other day (I tend to do that quite a bit) when it struck me yet again how the concepts expressed in Paul’s letters “in Christ’s name” so often have nothing at all to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ — how most of Paul’s theological doctrines actually contradict most of the values expressed by Jesus while he was alive — and how utterly frustrating, if not downright annoying, it must be for Jesus (assuming he is “up there” somewhere looking down on all of us) to see the principles of Love & Forgiveness & Service & Kindness that he championed take a back seat to the often conservative & condemnatory dogma of Paul’s “Christian” church.  I mean, how crazy it must feel to have a religion worship you as their only Lord & Savior while essentially teaching the exact opposite of what you represented while you were alive!

Of course, Christianity is not at all alone in this regard — with the apparent exception of Islam*, most of the world’s major religions have over time developed dogmatic beliefs that radically stray from the relatively pure teachings of the courageous “prophets” who founded them. And this tendency towards dogmatic evolution (pun intended) is not reserved to religious texts … The Internet is overflowing with quotes from “masters” & “gurus” & “wise ones” that have been tweaked, edited, exaggerated, taken out context, &/or even downright falsified.

(*While I’m not finished reading the Koran yet, so far it appears to be a relatively accurate reflection of the equally conservative, equally contradictory, equally damning, & equally disturbing views of its originating “prophet”, Muhammad)

And so, with this Truth in mind, I thought it would be a service to give you all a few “Scaughdthenticity Guidelines” — a few rules & parameters future readers can use to help determine if a quote of “mine” you might read is truly from me (or at least supported by me) or not.  And yet before I do so, let me dismantle any delusions you might be entertaining related to my apparent arrogance. In this vein, please know with full confidence that — I do NOT take any credit whatsoever for anything “wise” I might have ever said or anything “insightful” I ever might say.  Like every other human being who has ever lived on this planet, whatever inspirations come through me come — I believe — merely as a result of being a relatively clean “funnel” for the Truth that flows through all of us from birth (if not from conception).  It has been my personal experience, and it is my personal belief, that we are literally all in this together; that all Great Wisdom comes NOT from the one mouth that utters it or the one hand that pens it, but rather from the Collective Consciousness that imbues us all with a common conscience — a common Inner Knowing that grants us all access to an innate understanding of what it means to be “moral” & “good” & “true”.

Yes, I happened to have made a series of highly unusual (and somewhat courageous) choices over the past ten+ years of my life; choices that have indeed made it easier for me to Hear & See these deeper Truths, and yet I am NOT a “preacher” or a “teacher” or a “guru” in any way, shape or form.  Indeed, I cannot hope to share with any of you anything which you do not already comprehend deep within.  I am here NOT to alter your course, but rather solely to cast a gentle beam of light upon your Way — to make your “best route” through Life a bit easier to find, and thereby a bit easier to follow. Nor am I here to create your Path for you, but rather solely to offer a few useful tools with which you can do that carving yourself.

So, with that all having been said, here are those promised Guidelines:

*Anything written through the real Scaughdt will be Humble & Kind; never zealous or critical. So if a quote is in any way arrogant or negative or callous, then you can rest assured that it did NOT come from Me … On the other hand, if it is gentle & supportive & affirming, then it just might have.

*Anything shared through the real Scaughdt will be compassionate; never condemnatory. So if a saying in any way affirms “proper punishment” or “justice for the guilty”, then you can know that it did NOT come from Me … On the other hand, if it affirms forgiveness & acceptance or mercy, then it just might have.

*Anything relayed through the real Scaughdt will affirm the sanctity of life; never excusing or justifying the termination thereof. So if a phrase in any way supports war or capital punishment or eating animals or abortion, then you can know that it did NOT come from me … On the other hand, if it supports Peace or redemption or veganism or Love, then it just might have.

*Anything endorsed by the real Scaughdt will be actively courageous; never passive or cowardly. So if a wisdom in any way approves of “healthy boundaries” or in any way advocates “self-defense”, then you can know that it did NOT come from Me … On the other hand, if it encourages selfless service or willing self-sacrifice, then it just might have.

*Anything championed by the real Scaughdt will be generous; never self-serving. So if a value or an ideal in any way looks to uphold the merits of “maintaining balance” or “assuring fairness” or “being careful” or “manifesting wealth”, then you can know that it was NOT championed by me … On the other hand, if it upholds the principles of giving & charity & unity, then it just might have.

In conclusion, whether you happen to think I am “dull” or “aloof” or “goofy” or “clueless” or “coy”, the Truth of the matter is that I am just another “normal” guy who happens to have made some very not-normal decisions; life-choices that have led me to experience some very not-normal revelations — Truths admittedly somewhat strange (and also admittedly quite scary) about what it CAN mean to live as a Human(e) Being; Truths that — IF courageously engaged — CAN open up the greatest Joy possible for all of us therein.

And whether or not you happen to agree with anything I have said or will ever say (and whether or not you ever decide to exit the realm of discussion & debate to give the Selfless Way a try), at the very least you will now be able to know whether or not I actually said it … 😉

Peace to you all; today & ever after,


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