How to be Happy … 11/16/13

Recently I read an email that promised me 7 ways I could please my ego; 7 practices I could adopt that would bring more happiness into my life; guaranteed. And upon reading them, I could see how they just might work. I had actually even practiced more than half of them already, and had indeed […]

Is abortion wrong? … (08/27/13)

CHOOSING LIFE … some uncommon thoughts on abortion The other day I was asked my thoughts about abortion, namely whether I considered myself to be pro-life or pro-choice … I answered “Yes”. Allow me to explain … Seeing as how abortion is such a highly emotional topic, it could be helpful for me to first […]

What about Heaven & Hell? (Part 3) … (06/23/13)

A Practical Look at HEAVEN & HELL Part 3: right HERE, & right NOW “The Kingdom of God does not come with things that can be observed, nor will they someday say, ‘See it here!’ or ‘See it there!’ For indeed, the Kingdom of God is already within you.” ~ Jesus (Luke 17:20-21) “Heaven & […]

What about Heaven & Hell? (Part 2) … (06/23/13)

A Practical Look at HEAVEN & HELL Part 2: our Final Breath (the “eternal instant” between life & death) Especially when it comes to Heaven & Hell, the Bible is – to say the least — a most intriguing tome; sometimes contradictory, often confusing … and yet always insightful. As a prime example, let’s take […]

What about Heaven & Hell? (Part 1) … (06/23/13)

A Practical Look at HEAVEN & HELL Part 1: the Hereafter Well, the Westboro Baptist Church is at it again; this time condemning a young girl who was selling lemonade to support Equality House — the rainbow-colored dwelling that serves as the headquarters for Planting Peace, a nonprofit organization that campaigns for human rights, gay […]

What makes a life GREAT … (04/13/13)

“Here’s what I learned from Christopher Hitchens in the 25 years I knew him: Think for yourself … Follow your principles to the end … Don’t flinch from the truth … and continue to reaffirm these all, until the last ounce of strength drains from your body.” ~ from Jacob Weisberg Despite efforts both sincere […]

How do I know when I am “giving too much”? … (12/01/12)

On the myth of “Giving Too Much” … Most of us have been taught from a very early age that it is important to first fill one’s own “tank” before giving to anyone else. Of course, this is the slightly nicer portion of the “broad path to destruction” that Jesus mentions in his teachings. For […]

How can stay on my Path? … (09/29/12)

We all “get lost” over the course of our lives — we slip from selfless caring to selfish desire; we wander from humble service to arrogant criticism; we drift away from courageous Love and fall deep into the darkness of fear. It’s not “bad” that we do so — it is simply the way our […]

What is the Purpose of sex? … (09/22/12)

“Very few people know what Love is. Ninety-nine percent of people think that sexuality is Love … It is not. Sexuality is desirous and animalian. It has the potential of growing into Love, but it is not actual Love … If we choose to become conscious and caring during sexual union, then sex can be […]

How to live a Meaning-full Life … (08/01/12)

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” ~ Joseph Campbell A youtube video entitled “Top Tips for a Beautiful Life” went viral some time ago, and , upon seeing it again recently, I thought I would provide some fresh perspective … […]

How do I find my Soulmate? … (02/25/12)

I’ll now give you a few of my personal thoughts on the whole “Soulmate” theme.  These thoughts are not meant to represent “the Truth”, as I do not know what your particular Path to Peace offers or requires, AND YET these are Truths for my life — a life that was also often filled with […]