Day 185 … June 2nd (the many & the One)

“It is You who are moving, not time. Time has no movement. There is only this one moment.” ~ God … The Soul innately knows that the many are the One; that there is nowhere to go but into where one allReady IS …

Day 186 … June 3rd (never alone)

“My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end. Nor do I even really know myself, and the fact that I think I am doing your will does not mean that I am actually doing […]

Day 187 … June 4th (gentleness is Strength)

“Let your acts of kindness be bold in their gentleness.” ~ Scaughdt

Day 188 … June 5th (true Compassion)

“When you see a man of worth, think of how you may emulate him. When you see one who is unworthy, examine yourself.” ~ Confucius … “Whoever Does Good is with God; whoever does evil has yet to comprehend God.” ~ unknown (3 John 1:11) Compassion can only reach out while it looks within.

Day 189 … June 6th (enemies & Soulmates)

“The truly Wise Human is a Noble Soul who extends kindness to enemies, is tranquil amongst the turbulent, and proves generous in the midst of the grasping.” ~ anonymous … The only Souls who have truly found their Life-Partners, have done so in the hearts of their most potent foes …

Day 190 … June 7th (on your Way)

“It is a Mystery, for the Supreme fosters & perfects all beings without compelling them.” ~ Lao Tsu You are truly only those traits which Harmonize perfectly with God’s perfection … Everything else about “you” is a meaningless reflection of your ego’s brittle fears.

Day 191 … June 8th (bringing forth your Self)

“You can tell you are on your way to Mastery when you See the gap closing between your willingness and your experience.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch … “If you bring forth what is inside of you, what you bring forth will Save you. If you do not bring forth what is inside of you, what […]

Day 192 … June 9th (on arriving safely)

“Do that which is assigned to You, and you cannot dare too much.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson The truly prudent Human is reckless with their Kindness … The only way to safely arrive at the destination of Joy is to drive your Love like a madman.

Day 193 … June 10th (Joy is the bringing of Joy)

“Any pilgrimage (indeed, Life itself) is not about attaining more Joy for self, but must instead revolve around the opportunity to strengthen the Soul, that we might thereafter more powerfully bring Joy to others.” ~ anonymous

Day 194 … June 11th (no companion but Love)

“There is no companion but Love; no starting and no finishing, and yet always a Path.” ~ Rumi … “God provides us with everything for our enJoyment. We are to Do Good, to be rich in Good Works, and ready to share.” ~ unknown (1 Timothy 6:17-18)

It’s all about LOVE … (06/21/12)

The central tenet of all the world’s major religions (i.e. the Core Principle upon which almost every one of them was founded BEFORE becoming perverted by man-made dogma and superstitious zealotries) is essentially the same tenet — one that directly reflects a singular Truth: namely, that the “Way to Peace” is attained solely through acts […]