Ch 17 – Bringing the Big Joy… (04/13/11 – day 4, part 3)

“Do not be afraid … for I am bringing Good News of great Joy … for everyone.” ~ Jesus Christ (Luke 2:10) I guess it’s fair to state that – despite the many profound epiphanies with which I was showered in the early stages of the Pilgrimage – I was anything but “enlightened” at this […]

Ch 16 – The Death of Desire … (04/13/11 – day 4, part 2)

That afternoon, as I walked on immersed in the deep Calm of thankfulness, I thought about the “things” I had brought with me — as well as those I had purposefully left behind. Even then – even after only walking for three days, I knew that the majority of the items in my small hemp […]

Ch 15 – Worshiping the Way … (04/13/11 – day 4, part 1)

“After saying farewell to them, he went up on the mountain to pray.” ~ Mark 6:46 What a fitting verse for this day – I had indeed said farewell to quite a few beings, though all of them had been residing within me. After last evening’s extreme crisis of faith, I had said farewell to […]

Ch 14 – My Darkest Night … (04/12/11 – day 3, part 4)

Inspired by the epiphanies I had experienced earlier in the afternoon, I was now blessed with yet another:  the overwhelming realization that my Pilgrimage was not only a potent venue of selfless service for those folks I met along the way, but was also an act of penance for my recent past – an opportunity […]

Ch 13 – The Calm Before the Storm … (04/12/11 – day 3, Part 3)

After leaving my “diner of dreariness”, what was to prove to be the darkest day of the entire Pilgrimage continued for awhile on a happier note, and this happiness manifested itself firstly in a surprising way … … I was finally able to wash my socks! While I was originally planning my little promenade for […]

Ch 12 – Walking Amongst Angels … (04/12/11 – day 3, Part 2)

On through the early morning I trudged, and it was getting really, really cold.  Respite for me came in the form of an establishment that was to “save me” on a number of occasions in the near future:  a U.S. Post Office.  This one was a cute little number in Resaca, Georgia, and yet it […]

Ch 11 – The Hounds of Hell … (04/12/11 – day 3, part 1)

“Turn into my place and sit quietly. Drink from my stream and my vintage. Cast off your shoes, discard your hardships and listen to my evening song. I seek a heart that is simple. With the peaceful I spread my tent. I will wash your feet and dry them. My silence will be their perfume.” […]

Ch 10 – The Greatest of Fortunes … (04/11/11 – day 2, part 3)

“You seek a great fortune, and you will find a great fortune – though it will not be the fortune that you seek.  But first you must travel a long & difficult road; a road fraught with peril … I cannot tell you how long this road shall be, but fear not the obstacles in […]

Ch 09 – The Good News … (04/11/11 – day 2, part 2)

“And this is eternal life: to know you, the ONE, and the Christ whom You sent to reside within us. I glorify You on Earth by engaging the Work that You have enabled me to fulfill.” ~ Jesus Christ (John 17:3-4) Having renewed my resolve to become a more pure messenger of the selfless Way, […]

Ch 08 – Freedom in Discipline … (04/11/11 – day 2, part 1)

“Love cannot be found … as we cannot find what we already possess. Love cannot be created … as we cannot create that from which all is born.” ~ anonymous Sleep deprivation will have you doing funny things – like weaving while you walk or talking to yourself.  Suffering from hunger and sleep deprivation at […]

Farewell Wildwood! … (04/10/11)

Well, after another six+ months on Alexzanna Farms, it was time to bid farewell once again — this time to commence my 900+ mile Peace Pilgrimage to Pompano Beach, Florida.  It has always been a Joy-full privilege to live and work on this farm.  Caring for the animals, tending the land and sharing with friends […]