Gratitude 14 … Enemies

Today I am grateful for my enemies — for those that persecute me directly, as well as those who place more subtle (yet just as ominous) obstacles in my path … I am thankful for all the partners and friends over the years who have abandoned me — those who have rejected my chosen Way, […]

Gratitude 15 … Sustenance

Today I am grateful for sustenance — both those substances that energize me my body & mind when ingested from without, as well as those that sustain my spirit & Soul when partaken me from within … *I am thankful for the air that carries oxygen into my body; the same air that brings me […]

Gratitude 16 … Guidance

Today I am grateful for my Guides — both those “avatars” who have led me to the Light of Love, as well as those “false prophets” who tempt me away from It … And, you might ask, what makes a guide “True”? Well, she or he must first and foremost teach the selfless Way — […]

Gratitude 17 … Resolve

Today I am grateful for the ability to persist — not a “strength” fueled by fear or a “confidence” fueled by a certainty of religious faith, but rather a Strength that is available when we are deathly afraid and yet stride forth anyway; a calm resolve that settles over us when we choose to risk […]

Gratitude 18 … Sanctuaries

Today I am grateful for my life’s sanctuaries — those havens of rest and safety where I have been blessed both to relay The Way to others and to replenish my energies while doing so … Initially, I am thankful for the more traditional homes in which I lived before becoming a Peace Pilgrim — […]

Gratitude 19 … Movement

Today I am grateful for Movement: the beauty of all forms that flow … … the path of the sun as it travels across the sky, the undulating curve of the moon’s shadow that waxes & wanes across its luminous face, the gentle ribbon of the horizon that shifts ever so slowly over time (as […]

Gratitude 20 … Accomplishments

Today I am grateful for my Accomplishments — both those seen as such by myself, as well as those deemed to be “failures” by others; recognizing while I do so that none of the former could have been completed without the help of many assistants, and that none the latter could be criticized at all […]

Gratitude 21 … YinYang

Today I am grateful not only for duality itself, but for “YinYang” – the immense power that all things “bad” give to all things “good”, and the inspiration to Greatness that all things “good” bring to everyone who witnesses them. Or, in other words, today I am grateful for the Truth that all that is […]

Gratitude 22 … Providence

Today I am grateful for Providence — the “Hand of God” always guiding us; both directly — by inspiring us to search for (and perceive) current opportunities to serve, as well as more indirectly — by letting us feel the nature of the actions we are already engaging (otherwise known as intuition, or “hunch”; the […]

Gratitude 23 … Change

Today I am grateful for change — specifically those calls to transition that take the form of loss, pain and any other disturbing destruction of the old; specifically those times when our clinging to what was (and our yearnings for what could be) are ripped from our grasp — making room for a renewal of […]

Gratitude 24 … Virtue

Today I am grateful for Virtue — for the simple fact that, no matter how entrenched our delusions to the contrary become, or how insidious our self-centeredness remains, Love (in all its forms of Virtue) always – and in all Ways — rules the day … Truly, even when we are lost and don’t know […]