What you desire … (04/30/09)

“Uncover what you long for & you will re-discover who you are.” ~ Phil Cousineau “Alter what you long for & you will shift who you are becoming. Release what you long for & you Become who you’ve always been.” ~ Scaughdt

on perceiving Reality … (04/29/09)

None of us can use our rational minds and ever truly “know” the nature of our objective Reality.  Thus, in order to utilize all the information our senses constantly provide us, we must be willing to engage their “advice” on Faith and then discern Truth from those results … That having been said, here is […]

How can we tame the ego? … (04/28/09)

As far as mitigating the influence of the ego is concerned, I have found several exercises to be help-full: Gazing caringly into one’s own eyes in a mirror to exude a re-cognition of and a renewed Gratitude for one’s True Self is great.  Eliminating watching and/or reading the “news” for an extended time period, behaving unconventionally in […]

How can we attain true Wealth? … (04/27/09)

If you want to possess true Wealth, Give when you feel most “poor” — and pelase note that the Wealth of which I speak is not material, and neither is the Giving. It is exactly in our most “trying times” that we have the most Power available to us.  It is easy (and therefore a […]

Life is Good … (04/16/09)

“There is this SUV that drives around with the back-tire on its tailgate and a cover on that tire that says ‘Life is Good’. On days that I was fed & happy I would think ‘Yes, Life IS good!’, but on days that I was depressed I would say, ‘Life … what happened to life […]

The Perfect Life … (04/15/09)

Life is good when I am loved … … Life is perfect when I Love. Life is good when I am thirsty and drink a cool drought … … Life is perfect when I give another the “water of life.” (the pure Acceptance of compassionate forgiveness) Life is good when I am hungry and eat […]

Farewell Utah! … (04/07/09)

Greetings one and all, and welcome to the (i)am website! It seems very fitting that the first blog entry for the site comes just days after learning that I will be leaving Utah and heading to NW Georgia.  This having been said, I wish to thank all those in Park City who have made my […]

tend your Inner Garden … (04/06/09)

“Your body is your garden, and your will its gardener.” ~ Shakespeare “Practice serenity.” ~ Anthony de Mello

freedom from loneliness … (04/05/09)

“All you have to do is notice who it is that feeds the loneliness [the ego] … … The one who notices the same [the conscience] is already free.” ~ D. Singer

You have the Power … (04/04/09)

“Distress is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” ~ Marcus Aurelius