The Spirit of Truth … (01/31/16)

Did I DO today? … (01/31/16)

“Did I offer peace today, and did I do so with my actions more than my words? … Did I bring a smile to a stranger’s face today? … Did I say words of healing to a Friend? … Did I set aside my fear of those who are different today? … Did I reach […]

Raining His gentle Reign … (01/30/16)

All is GOD … (01/29/16)

Re-Vealing Revelation — Cover page

Re-Vealing Revelation … … a deeper, gentler look into the Bible’s final “chapter” Some quite important reading … both for those considered “damned”, as well as those doing that damning. via Scaughdt … an (i)am publication (3rd edition)

What is more than Who … (01/28/16)

An introduction’s Introduction …

“The book of Revelation contains as many mysteries as it does words.” ~ St. Jerome (one of the principle founders of the Christian church)   “Where the book of Revelation is concerned, I hold the view that the early church fathers released something very dangerous on the world when … they decided to include it […]

In the Beginning — the LOGOS … (01/27/16)

Home of the Unbrave … (01/27/16)

The religion of Islam has its share of fundamentalist zealots, that much it true (though far fewer of them than Christianity had when it was of the same age), and the Koran is indeed a most problematic tome that seems to do anything but promote peace (I’m only half-way through it at the moment, but […]

Revelation … an Introduction

For a number of years now, I have consistently witnessed a somewhat disturbing phenomenon – namely, that many of my Christian friends, at some point during our discussions about the nature God & Jesus & Heaven & Hell, almost invariably “prove” their point by quoting a verse or a passage from the book of Revelation; […]

And on that day … (01/26/16)