Becoming the Change … (12/30/15)

“The decision to become vegan is one, simple light-bulb-on moment of clarity in which we realize that every area of our life up to that point has been built on using, on taking, on destroying, on harming and on killing others. In that moment, and in the moments of shame and grief which inevitably follow […]

Making enemies into Art … (12/29/15)

“The Sand People are easily startled, but they’ll soon be back … and in greater numbers.” ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi That’s the way it is with ALL of our lives’ “Sand People” — all those “enemies” who bother us or bug us or bash us or brutalize us … We can scare them, insult them, yell […]

No mattwe what they say … (12/26/15)

You will be told quite a few things, My Friends: *You will be told that you are only one person, and thus that you can’t make a difference … *You will be told that people simply are who they are, and that they will not listen or change … *You will be told that humanity’s […]

Redecorating our “Normal” … (12/24/15)

My dear Friends, it isn’t strange that our own lives touch so many others … It isn’t strange that every breath we take is a breath shared with many, and that every step we take is a step danced with all … It isn’t strange that every choice we make (and every choice we don’t) […]

When the Truth whispers (boom) … (12/22/15)

A guide for Guidance … (12/14/15)

Every non-vegan choice we make has a consequence, and that consequence is massive harm to another individual whose only crime was being born a member of a species other than human … When we pretend that our victims don’t care what happens to them, when we pretend that they lack awareness of what we do […]

Non-wasting our time … (12/10/15)

Just a few days ago, one of my best non-vegan Friends told me that I am wasting my time. He said that he “agreed” with me that there is no rational reason to support the use & abuse of animals, and yet that going vegan wouldn’t make any real difference. His solution to the problem […]

Now you Know … (12/04/15)

Guess what, my Friends? Not only are you not required to support animal cruelty, you are actually allowed to do something to help stop it. Indeed, every time you choose dairy-free options (which are now both abundant & affordable) you are sending a clear message to the meat&milk industry (indeed, the only message it is […]

How Beauty-full … (12/03/15)

“How beautiful are ALL the Earth’s inhabitants! They all have feelings, they all have emotions, they all have individual personality traits, they all cherish their own little ones, and they all want to live their own lives in Peace. Of course, their milk cannot be obtained without abusing them, and their meat cannot be obtained […]