Who’s truly crammed … (09/28/15)

“Vegans are not cramming their beliefs down your throat … They are reminding you of your own.” ~ unknown Whether factory-farmed or “humanely raised”, whether ingested at McDonald’s or bought at your local farmers market; no matter where you find your pork or how its sellers claim their pigs were tended, this is where they […]

The greatest Given … (09/27/15)

“Those who don’t feel this LOVE steadily pulling them like a river; those who do not drink fully of each new morn or take in each sunset like supper; those who do not wish to change — who do not wish to awaken to The Way of LOVE, let them sleep … You need them […]

Luke 17:20-21 … Knocking on Heaven’s door (09/27/15)

If you want to remain in Hell, it’s pretty easy to do – just keep on hoarding things — and keep on seeking superficial pleasures — and keep on justifying your excesses — and keep on denigrating or ignoring the poor in your midst. If you want to enter life, it’s not that much more […]

Luke 6:36 … The WHAT of every What if (09/27/15)

What if this particular poem was legit? What if this particular “What if” was real? Well — IT IS … Our life IS our religion; our religious practice IS how we interact with each other; the Earth IS our holiest temple; knowing our True Self IS knowing our greatest Wisdom; and our holiest water IS […]

Leaving GOD out of it … (09/27/15)

I realize that the majority of you are — at least for the time being — going to continue to use your hard-earned money to actively support the incredible cruelties of the meat industry by buying & consuming the dead flesh & aging secretions forcefully taken from our animal cousins … And to this I […]

Philippians 4:4 … Re-JOY-cing in the Lord (09/27/15)

It’s not that often that Jesus and Paul fully agree on anything within the texts of the Bible, and yet every now and then it happens … Yes, half of these harmonies appear to be Paul accidentally stumbling upon the Divine Truth espoused by JC … And yet Paul was nothing if not persistent, so […]

Hunters hunted — and killed with Kindness … (09/26/15)

Well, today is National Hunting & Fishing Day in the United States –a day when Americans can celebrate the far less noble characteristics of their heritage: dominating the less powerful; disregarding the rights of all beings “other”; and destroying the Earth & her inhabitants for fun. I’ve got an idea: Let’s make today “Hug a […]

Grooving to LOVE’s Noble Sound … (09/26/15)

Though we are told to mourn the passing of LOVE from humanity’s collective mind, we must continue to know that it was a most Noble Sound. The LOVE that we were awakening to several decades ago (in the 60’s & 70’s) had a deep, potential majesty. It held promise … It held Peace … It […]

Beauty & the Buddha — real LOVE & true Living … (09/26/15)

If we do not see the Beauty in others — no matter what they seem to be doing TO us, the fault lies not in their doing, but in our (lack of) Seeing … The Buddha was known to have said: “In the end these things matter most: How well did you love others? How […]

Magic and the Force … (09/19/15)

Those who deal in “magic” (including those who peddle religious zeal or champion “the Law of Attraction”) attempt to use personal power to manipulate their surroundings; to bend the Universe to their will, & thereby manifest their own desires for self &/or what they believe is better or best … Those who employ “The Force”, […]