Wisdom — an uncommon Arrival … (10/31/15)

Sometimes the Truth is not to be found in the realm of “common knowledge” … Sometimes what we conveniently believe to be True is really a series of graphic lies; lies that often remain a part of our lives — causing untold pain & suffering — until science catches up to our delusions and smacks […]

Teaching a Greater TRUTH … (10/31/15)

Halloween — a day made for the tellings of myths & legends & tales of fear and horror. So what better day to start doing just the opposite? What better day to start telling your children where their meat & milk ACTUALLY come from — and how that meat & milk is ACTUALLY obtained? Not […]

Unmasking your True Self … (10/31/15)

“Have you ever thought about dressing up as the Noble Woman or the Compassionate Man you most want to be … and then simply removing the mask?” ~ inspired by Heidi Fuller

The LOVE of every Mother … (10/29/15)

Every mother — regardless of her species — has an innate drive, and indeed an innate right, to nurture her baby. When you consume meat and dairy and eggs you are supporting newborn babies being taken from their mothers. You are supporting families being torn apart. You are supporting grief, abuse, torture and death. Please […]

The ROOT of all our Problems … (10/28/15)

Speciesism (discrimination against sentient life forms based on their species — i.e. in the West, essentially the graphic discrimination we place on all other species — except for humans, dogs & cats) breeds all other forms of bigotry (e.g. racism, sexism & homophobia), lays the foundation for all other forms of violence, and co-creates all […]

A look into your Future … (10/25/15)

The ignorant belief that animals are mere commodities — the immoral lie that is fed to us all that it is proper & legal to enslave animals for human use, abuse & consumption — is somehow still accepted in almost all corners of the globe as “normal” and “appropriate”. And this means that animal liberation […]

A very un-silly Question, and a very unenlightened Answer … (10/25/15)

I like the Dalai Lama … I really do. He seems like a pretty nice guy, and most of the time he relays a pretty important message. Yes, it is disconcerting that he has still not yet returned to Tibet to protest Chinese atrocities there in person, and it is actually just as disconcerting that […]

Amazing Grace … (10/25/15)

“This present moment is the only space we each have in which to carry on the positive, unity-based traditions of our ancestors. Indeed, all our present moments are the priceless flashes of Now that bundle together into the future, where they will ultimately create vibrant opportunities for our species to establish & enliven ways with […]

2 Timothy 1:7 … Conquering fear with LOVE (10/24/15)

It has been said that the Bible admonishes us to “be not afraid” 365 times in total — once for every day of the year, and yet it turns out that this is not quite true (the King James Bible apparently states “fear not” or its equivalent 103 times, while some researchers have found other […]

Plain & simple: Milk is Misery … (10/24/15)

I didn’t know either, my Friends … Just like you, the Truth had been kept from me for the vast majority of my life: *For the first 45 years of my life, I had no idea that dairy cows are repeatedly raped — because just like human females (indeed, the females of all mammals), only […]

To Walk your true Way … (10/24/15)

To remember that you are intimate kin with all that thinks & feels & knows is to remember who You truly Are … And yet the Great Awakening cannot come until you act accordingly … Peace to ALL. “Doing nothing in a period of repressive violence is itself a form of violence. That’s really the […]