Truth is simple … (08/19/15)

And I gently say to you all once again: Right Action is not rocket science … And I urgently beg you all once again: Please act accordingly. Thank you. “The critical question we must ask ourselves is not, ‘Can animals talk?’ or even, ‘Can they reason?’ but rather, ‘Do they suffer?’ And even as we […]

The Way back to Now … (08/19/15)

My dear Friends … So many of us choose to see life as a journey towards a particular goal or dream or vision — a destination, so to say — only to realize at its end that life is something else entirely; something far more wondrous and far more — well, important. You see, we […]

Awakening IS … (08/18/15)

Awakening is realizing that Happiness has nothing to do with what is happening TO us, and everything to do with what we choose to do with what is happening FOR us … Awakening is realizing that life becomes Beauty-full when we make it not about what we have or what we can obtain or what […]

The MOVE is ON … (08/15/15)

For the past several hundred years, we humans have been steadily waking up; steadily allowing the wise & caring stewards of life that we were born to be slowly yet surely come into being … We did so in the anti-slavery movement that blossomed in the late 1800’s, we did so in the women’s rights […]

The Sooner, the Best … (08/15/15)

“The sooner we acknowledge that animals are equally worthy emotional beings, the sooner we will cease to confine them & mutilate them & destroy them for our own personal pleasure — and the sooner we will begin to do what we have all been truly Called to do: namely, to embrace them openly and gently […]

Mostly of LOVE … (08/14/15)

It’s true for all of us that we have been hurt quite a bit in life. We have all been criticized by our parents & all been harmed by our friends. We have all been abandoned by our lovers & all been slandered by our enemies. We have all been confined by our beliefs & […]

Faith in LOVE … (08/13/15)

The ways in which Kindness & Compassion work are rarely if ever seen in full, and yet it is quite reasonable to have faith that Work they do … Indeed, not a single one of us will ever fully witness or comprehend the Universe-altering Goodness that most surely follows every one of our deeds of […]

A Matter of Rudeness … (08/12/15)

I totally get it when non-vegans get a little irritated with me over my pro-animal posts. After all, I certainly don’t particularly like it either when other folks’ posts illuminate my own inconsistencies & moral weaknesses … I am thankful for those “rude awakenings” after the fact, of course — after I have had the […]

Right Action isn’t rocket science … (08/12/15)

Right Action really isn’t rocket science … P.S. There is no such thing as “humane slaughter” — If you think otherwise, just ask any animal having its throat humanely slit after having been humanely enslaved for the entirety of its humanely shortened life.

John 14:20-23 … God as a Person (08/11/15)

I humbly set aside the notion of talking about God as a person, and yet I have no problem whatsoever in talking about God as “personal” — at least in a certain way … Please allow me to explain: To say that God is a separate entity not only denies all scientific evidence (Where could […]

An mage of our Selves … (08/11/15)

Bringing innocent beings into existence as a purely superfluous resource — as mere commodities that serve no purpose other than to quell our rumbling stomachs and/or sate our primal lusts for palate pleasure, is in and of itself a cruel gesture. And to couple this heinous crime with enslaving those beings — with confining them […]