Hero #47: Epictetus … (07/31/14)

Hero #47: Epictetus … Born a slave around 55 AD, Epictetus acquired a passion for philosophy early in life, and with the permission of his wealthy owner studied Stoic philosophy; later becoming a Greek sage and revered Stoic philosopher. Epictetus, who lived a life of deep simplicity and few material possessions, taught that philosophy is […]

Hero #48: the Jabbawockeez … (07/31/14)

Hero #48: The Jabbawockeez … Founded in 2003, Jabbwockeez is a multi-member, hip-hop dance group renowned for being the winners of the inaugural season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Their style showcases each dancer’s remarkable ability to dance together as one unit, often synchronizing their movements to the specific words and rhythms of the music […]

Hero #49: Stephen Ritz … (07/31/14)

Hero #49: Stephen Ritz … Ritz is a South Bronx teacher & administrator who believes that inner city students shouldn’t have to leave their urban communities to learn about life or live a full one … and one of the most effective methods he uses to bring these Truths across is community gardening. Ritz’s extended […]

Hero #50: Berke Breathed … (07/31/14)

Hero #50: Berke Breathed … Born in 1957, Breathed is an American cartoonist, children’s book author & illustrator, screenwriter and animal rights supporter. He is best known for his truly brilliant comic strip “Bloom County”, which ran from 1980 to 1989, and often both cleverly & poignantly exposed or illuminated controversial sociopolitical issues as understood […]

Hero #43: St. Francis of Assisi … (07/29/14)

Hero #43: St. Francis of Assisi … Born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone in 1181 (but given the nickname “Francesco”), Francis — despite never being ordained to the Catholic priesthood — remains one of the most honored religious figures in history. he is currently known as the patron saint of both animals and the environment. […]

Hero #44: Mona Rutger … (07/29/14)

Hero #44: Mona Rutger … Over 20 years ago, Mona Rutger realized that no one in her community was able to care for injured wildlife, so — alongside her full-time secretarial job — she became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Originally she envisioned caring for wounded animals as a part-time hobby, thinking she would get a […]

Hero #45: Alan Watts … (07/29/14)

Hero #45: Alan Watts … Born in 1915, Alan Watts was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker. He was best known as a re-interpreter of Eastern philosophy for those living in or having intimate ties with the West. Even in his early years at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, it became clear that Watts disliked all religious […]

Hero #46: Coleman Barks … (07/29/14)

Hero #46: Coleman Barks … Born in 1937, Barks is an American poet and former professor of literature at the University of Georgia. Although he neither speaks nor reads Persian, he is nonetheless renowned as a truly brilliant interpreter of Rumi, one of the more renowned Sufi poets of 13th century Persia. Barks makes frequent […]

Hero #41: Thomas Keating … (07/28/14)

Hero #41: Thomas Keating … Born in 1923, Keating is a Trappist monk known as one of primary architects of the Centering Prayer, a contemporary method of melding the mind with the Divine. His interest in contemplative prayer began during his freshman year at Yale University, when he became aware of the writings of early […]

Hero #42: Don Ritchie … (07/28/14)

Hero #42: Don Ritchie … Born in 1925, Don Ritchie was was an Australian who, over a 45+ year period of time, officially saved 160 people from suicide (although those close to him claim that number is actually closer to 400). Ritchie resided next to The Gap, a famous cliff in Sydney, Australia, known for […]

Hero #38: Henry David Thoreau … (07/27/14)

Hero #38: Henry David Thoreau … Born in 1817, Thoreau was was an American author, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, historian, and leading transcendentalist. His writings on natural history and philosophy anticipated the methods and findings of later-day ecology and environmental history, two current wellsprings of modern environmentalism. He is best known […]