Making the Connection … Taking a Stand (01/23/15)

Making the Connection … and then taking a Stand. “Living vegan is, first and foremost, a statement of opposition to bigotry. It is a bold, public stance against the broadly unquestioned ‘right’ of humans to confine, exploit and murder our nonhuman cousins. One person going vegan may not in & of itself solve the highly […]

Meet your milk … Meet my Friend (01/22/15)

Folks often tell me that they are eating less meat these days — and some even proudly state that they are going vegetarian. And to them all I answer twofold: first, I offer a sincere “Well done” for taking a step in the right direction … and second, I remind them that this step — […]

No one born a bigot … (01/19/15)

No child is born a bigot. Hatred and other degrees of applied ignorance are learned behaviors, and this is true whether the bias shown is tied to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation … or species. The good news is that, because bigotry must be learned, so too can it be unlearned. Even though we have […]

Standing tall for Justice … (01/19/15)

When we examine the not insignificant swath of recorded history occupied by our still-young species, there are a few men & women who cannot help but shine forth their Greatness … Martin Luther King Jr. was one of those Bright Lights. He shone forth Justice in a time of persecution … He shone forth Compassion […]

A Tribute to Pooh – Part 01 … The Meaning in Living (01/18/15)

A Tribute to Pooh — Part 03 … The Meaning of Life; & the Meaning in Living Winnie the Pooh’s “father” — A. A. Milne — was born 133 years ago today, and I honor both him & his creations with this third tribute: a reminder that the Meaning of Life is already waiting to […]

A Tribute to Pooh – Part 02 … Making fantasy Reality (01/18/15)

In honor of A. A. Milne (the creator of Winnie the Pooh), who was born 133 years ago today, I offer yet another tribute — this time an ode to the power of dreaming BIG — and the POWER of making those dreams come True … I saw the attached image earlier today and wondered […]

A Tribute to Pooh – Part 01 … Tigger’s TRUTH (01/18/15)

A. A. Milne, the creator of Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, was born 133 years ago today. In honor of what I consider to be his great achievement, the first tribute thereto relates to one of my favorite Pooh companions — Tigger … I loved Tigger because he was silly and I loved […]

Some thoughts on Success … (01/17/15)

Success is not what we have been taught or what we have been told … It has nothing to do with how much money we earn or how much influence we gain or how much fame we reap, and it has nothing to do with how long we live or how much fun we have […]

Responding to injustice … (01/16/15)

Our politicians tax us illegally, destroy our environment, and murder the innocent (both abroad with drones and at home with Monsanto) ….. and then they vote themselves raises. Our preachers turn Joy-full teachings of peaceful Masters into dour dogma; condemning all non-believers and demanding allegiance to THEIR version of God and THEIR interpretations of scripture […]

Well played, Charlie … (01/14/15)

What with the Charlie Hebdo magazine’s long history of producing words & images that often obliterated the envelope of “good taste” — and with their long-standing tradition of flagrantly offending any & all, I was frankly a bit concerned about what their first post-massacre publication would contain. Would they shoot back fire for fire? Would […]

The greatest threat to Peace … (01/13/15)

NEWSFLASH: Right now there is a FAR greater threat to your personal security than the rise of global terrorism. Indeed, there is currently a far greater threat to your very survival and the survival of your loved ones — indeed the survival of your entire species — than religious fundamentalism will ever be. And this […]