What you are actually Saying … (02/28/15)

I have found that most folks truly are Good & Kind & Caring, and as such, I have also found that most folks tend to attempt to justify any of their behaviors that are exposed to be inadvertently cruel or callous. And this makes sense — for people not only want to be seen as […]

Why I fight for the animals … (02/25/15)

These two pics sum up my Love for animals quite nicely. Sending Peace to ALL today … S “We know that there are people, many of them, who do not want to hear what we say, and who will continue to ridicule our position and ignore our message in favor of maintaining the status quo, […]

the Wisdom of the Loyalty in Wisdom … (02/24/15)

The only way to become truly Wise is to be truly Loyal … And the only way to be truly Loyal is first, to expand your Circle of Compassion to include every sentient being you encounter — and second, to act accordingly.

The Silent Departure … (02/22/15)

The time has come for Americans to engage the only form of revolution that will ever work — a revolution of Silent Departure. In the instances where the “authorities” are openly trampling the rights of the oppressed, we must silently depart with active & peaceful protest. In the instances where the wealthy are robbing the […]

Answering the Call … (02/21/15)

Well, here we are in early 2015, and the 2016 campaign tactics are already in full swing. Yes, they might be thinly disguised as unjust acts of war or vapid arguments over domestic policies that will inevitably bear no fruit, and yet these are the mere precursors to the mass-charade that is election-year politics in […]