The potent Paradox … (03/28/15)

“The very existence of labels like ‘free range’, ‘cage-free’ or ‘humane certified’ shows that our society has a growing concern for the welfare of animals raised for food. And yet any time consumers of meat, eggs or dairy products advocate for ‘humane’ treatment of farm animals, they inevitably confront an unavoidable paradox — and that […]

The Meaning-full Way … (03/13/15)

For all of you who out there are angry or afraid or sad or annoyed — for all of you who are frustrated or confused or lost or disheartened, there is a Way that will lead you directly back to a life of deep Meaning & profound Peace & unbridled Joy … It is a […]

John 8:7-11 … denouncing both “sin” & “sinner” (03/10/15)

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000236 EndHTML:0000008557 StartFragment:0000002426 EndFragment:0000008521 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/nealyasami/Desktop/my%20favorite%20verses%20-%20Vol%20II%20(Mar%202015%20to%20%20mid%202015).doc As far as I am concerned, people are allowed to label me & judge me & criticize me & even insult me however they wish. My job is simply to keep Loving them all — especially my critics — while continuing to openly & courageously share my message of […]

Matthew 5:17-18 … Belief and the “unbeliever” (03/09/15)

I’ve always found Christians’ use of the term “unbeliever” to be somewhat patronizing (if not a blatant violation of Matthew 7:1’s call for us to avoid judging others altogether), and yet what I find even more intriguing is that the ones doing this and any similar name-calling seem to have fully forgotten an all-important fact: […]

1 John 4:8 … hating “God” by Loving GOD (03/08/15)

In the past it used to bother me quite a bit whenever a person would learn of my “avant garde” take on the Bible (admittedly quite different from their more traditional understanding of the same) and then ask me quite sincerely why it was that I hated God. I mean, the raw arrogance of this […]

John 8:32 … bashing “Christian bashing” (03/07/15)

Seeing as how I have a very open, quite alternative, and admittedly somewhat fervent interpretation of the contents of the Bible, and seeing as how I therefore champion a God & a Jesus & a “Heaven” & a “Salvation” that are indeed VERY different from those championed by members of the traditional Christian church, more […]

Matthew 12:24-26 … Casting out the real “demons” (03/06/15)

As it turns out, if you happen to have deeply studied the Bible and tested its verses by putting them radically into practice over a number of years — and if you happen to have thereby developed a unique understanding of those verses that happens to contradict what most folks have been taught about what […]

The Truth about war … (03/04/15)

The TRUTH: Whether you want to believe it or not, the current U.S. attacks against ISIS and other terrorists in the Middle East are NOT designed to protect the safety of you or your loved ones — indeed, they are making the world a far more dangerous place for us all … Whether you want […]

Enlivening the Good News … (03/04/15)

The bad news: the world is currently infested by a radically selfish, relatively ignorant and still-mired-in-savagery species of animals called “humans” … The Good News: whether we choose to wake up and becomes the gentle stewards of our yet-glorious planet, or fade into the tragic & pain-filled obscurity of near-extinction, our ever-beautiful Earth is going […]

What a Human life is Worth … Part 01: the Perspective (03/03/15)

FACT — You are only one of roughly 7 billion humans living on one small planet orbiting one small star in one back-eddy “rural” neighborhood of one small galaxy in one relatively insignificant cluster of galaxies; all surrounded by literally BILLIONS of similar clusters of galaxies of neighborhoods of stars containing planets like ours — […]

What a Human life is Worth … Part 02: the Judgment (03/03/15)

FACT — No matter how critical our crises or terrible our tragedies or colossal our challenges, we are indeed but a small speck of dust in the grander scheme of things. AND this must NOT prove to be a call to depression or hopelessness or a loss of Meaning … Indeed, we can just as […]