1 Peter 2:15 … The Will of God (06/30/14)

This picture is absolutely priceless … and SO spot on. P.S. The Bible itself supports Facebook God on this one as well. We are not called to arrogantly champion our own religious beliefs or openly condemn the beliefs of others. We have been called to humble ourselves as children and serve those in need … […]

Galatians 6:2 … The sustaining Word (06/30/14)

Unlike human “literalists” who cherry-pick the Bible — sorting out its verses and focusing only on those that suit their own personal values, whims & desires, here is someone who has indeed taken “Become the Word of God” quite literally … Well done, my canine Friend! P.S. I think it’s funny that so many folks […]

1 John 4:8 … Any other god (06/30/14)

God is LOVE — the essence of all matter, the source of all sentience, and the will to actively serve those who are downtrodden or despairing. Any other god is simply not a god worth worshiping. “God is LOVE.” ~ 1 John 4:8

Hero #09: Mahatma Gandhi … (06/30/14)

Hero #09: Mahatma Gandhi … As far as Gandhi is concerned, no explanation is really necessary. He was simply one of the greatest human Talk-Walkers of all time; willing to give his entire life (and in the end literally giving his entire life) to the causes of Justice & Freedom & Love. May we all […]

Hero #10: Bai Fang Li … (06/30/14)

Hero #10: Bai Fang Li … In 1987, Mr. Li retired from his pedicab driving job and returned to his village, where he saw many children working in the fields because they couldn’t afford education. At that time he was already 74 years old, and yet he decided to go back to his job anyway. […]

Starting to Care … (06/30/14)

I was a meat eater until the age of 35, and I consumed massive amounts of dairy products for the ten years that followed. It wasn’t like I was a “bad person” for doing so — I just didn’t take the time to really think about what my food purchases were supporting; just didn’t take […]

Misleading Myth #03: “But I need to eat meat to be healthy” … (06/30/14)

Seriously? … You’ve got to be kidding me.

Said No Animal EVER … (06/29/14)

Said … No … Animal … EVER. If we really are superior to animals, wouldn’t we have the ability to consider their suffering? And if we are not superior to animals, what gives us the right to act like we are? When we were a young species (many, many thousands of years ago), we did […]

Misleading Myth #02: “Slaughtered animals don’t suffer much” (06/29/14)

yeah … right.

John 3:16 … Ye shall not Parish (06/29/14)

There is WAY too much Right with this pic not to share it … First of all, you’ve got Yoda (who was all about courageous actions over zealous words or hollow thoughts) quoting Jesus (who redefined “believe in” as “actively emulate” — see John 14:12) … And secondly, you’ve got Yoda replacing “perish” with “parish”, […]

1 Peter 2:21 … The Power Within You … (06/29/14)

If it can be purely given (i.e. without selfish motives and free from personal hopes & expectations), then LOVE always “saves” in the moment it is Given … Allow me to explain. Essentially, all forms of behavioral dysfunction are born in — and sustained by — the fearful, primitive, self-centered instincts of our reptile brain. […]