We’ve already arrived … (04/30/14)

Early in your travels you repeatedly wonder how long the journey will take, even maybe whether you will “make it” at all in this lifetime. Later, you come to understand that where you are going has always been HERE, and that you have already arrived — over & over & over again — in each […]

Myth #57: “But animals don’t have the same rights.”

Says who? Says us humans, of course — a species that is so arrogantly homeocentric that it is not only brazenly rationalizing the horrific atrocities it is currently committing against vast populations of farmed animals, but is also willfully destroying its own planet of origin at an alarming rate – and knowingly taking the majority […]

Myth #58: “But eating animals is legal.”

Not that long ago in the United States, it was legal for an African-American to be owned by a white American … Not that long ago in the United States, it was legal for married women to be sexually subjugated by their husbands and for all women seen as legally “inferior” to all men … […]

Revolutionizing Revolution … (04/28/15)

I was going to write something “deep & insightful” today about the Baltimore riots – something about how the focus should be less on the vandalism perpetrated by the protestors and more about the many years of political violence that ultimately inspired the same; something about how the response to such repugnant elitism should not […]

Myth #59: “But I honor the animals I eat.”

I’m curious — Why do you give thanks for engaging in a practice that causes so much suffering? Why do you give thanks for engaging a cruelty-laden choice that is completely unnecessary to make? Why do you give thanks for a decision that flows completely contrary to your own values of justice & decency? Why […]

Myth #60: “But I’m already an animal rights advocate.”

As well-intended and as socially active as you might be, it is impossible to be a powerful “animal rights activist” while simultaneously supporting a system that enslaves, abuses and murders animals. Maybe you are rescuing strays from the streets & maybe you are liberating the inmates of fur farms & maybe you are petitioning against […]

Myth #61: “But I love animals.”

I’m sorry, but there really is no possible way for you to truly “love animals” while you are financially supporting the industry that is systematically imprisoning them, abusing them, mutilating them, raping them and ultimately murdering them. Now you might indeed truly love your dog or your cat (or dogs or cats in general — […]

Myth #62: “But lions eat meat.”

(also heard as “But animals eat meat, and humans are animals too.”) Please allow me to immediately concede that lions do indeed kill other animals and that lions do indeed eat meat.   Of course, this makes perfect sense, as lions, unlike humans, are obligate carnivores. Lions eat other animals for need — whereas humans do […]

Myth #63: “But humans are at the top of the food chain.”

Actually, the pyramidal “food chain” mentioned here is an arbitrary concept — invented by humans — that does not exist in nature. Indeed, in reality there is no “food chain” to climb at all.   Instead, nature reflects an interconnected web of mutual interdependence that mandates that all species evidence an innately understood respect for life. […]

Myth #64: “But veganism will increase world hunger.”

Actually, the probability is much higher that the exact opposite will come true … The Worldwatch Institute (a think-tank that analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world) noted that meat consumption is a highly inefficient use of grain — grain which would be far better utilized if consumed directly by humans.   Indeed, every day […]

Myth #65: “But if we don’t eat them, they will eat us.”

This argument really makes no sense whatsoever … The reason why humans raise and “harvest” animals like cows & pigs & chickens is because they are docile beings who are primarily (if not solely) herbivorous. As such, they pose absolutely no threat to us humans now, nor would they pose any threat to us if […]