yet another BOOM of Truth … (03/29/14)

“Facts do not cease to exist merely because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley I do LOVE it so when Truth is presented simply & cleanly. Enlightenment really isn’t rocket science … So enJOY the following — & then please enLIVEn its Wisdom.  

Into the Wilderness … (03/23/14)

It is our Treks into the Wilderness — those barren, depressed &/or painful times in life — that give us the opportunity to Love Life most. Indeed, in our deepest sense of hopelessness rests the purest essence of our Life’s Work … For it is when we lie mired in the darkest of shadows that […]

a Virtuous Venting … (03/22/14)

I’m a bit ticked off tonight, and with your permission — and in a brief departure from my usual, more gentle tones — I am going to vent a bit. Granted, venting is not something Peace Pilgrims normally do — and I will do so in a peaceful & respectful fashion, and yet sometimes the […]

May you BE … (03/21/14)

May you sip contentedly upon the fragrant wine of your life … May you stretch eagerly into the opening light of each new day … and may you re-discover the seeds of wisdom lying hidden in all experiences unwanted. May you find the consolation of gratitude when you are hurting … and may you hear […]

Questions (I Hold in My Heart) … (03/20/14)

I hadn’t seen my dear friend Fred Lansford in many a moon (living on opposite sides of the globe will do that) and I didn’t expect to see him at all on the last day I ever did. Fred & I had stayed in touch via phone & email whenever my work took me back […]

St. Teresa’s Prayer … (03/18/14)

For all my Friends … and all my enemies: May today there be Peace within you … May you use those Gifts you have Received. May you pass on the Love that as been Given to you. May you be content in Knowing you are a Child of God. May you let the Presence settle […]

Last Wish #01 … Replacing hatreds with Kindness (03/18/14)

All things considered, I am a pretty happy guy with a pretty positive outlook on life. Yes, the injustices & cruelties that still pervade our society still grate me to the Core … and yes, there are times when I wonder if we humans are ever going to wake UP to a way of living […]

Last Wish #02 … Less comfort, more Health (03/17/14)

Here’s a novel idea:  replace ceaselessly striving for comfort with effortlessly living in Health. As far as I am concerned, doctors should be paid when we are well, and should treat us all for free whenever we are sick or injured. Of course, at least in the Western world, this dream is highly unlikely to […]

Real LOVE … (03/17/14)

“Real LOVE is not an adoration of the other, but rather a Seeing of the other as a reflection of the Divine in one’s Self. As such, true Lovers don’t ever really find one another … for they are in each other all along.” ~ inspired by Rumi  

All that really Matters … (03/16/14)

“No man or woman can really be strong or gentle or kind without the world being better for it; without somebody somewhere being helped or comforted by the very existence of that Goodness.” ~ Alan Alda Life can be hard, it’s true, and we are all, each & every one of us, under immense pressures […]

Last Wish #03 … Stop smoking; start Living (03/16/14)

The main reason I want you to stop smoking is because I LOVE YOU and don’t like seeing you commit a willful, slow suicide. Your brilliant and Beauty-filled life is already so short & so priceless, and it is a shame to see you wasting so much of it by inhaling death every day. That […]