Waking UP is celebrating the Dawn … (02/28/14)

Awakening is … choosing to celebrate each morning’s fresh dawning. It is openly celebrating this world … and it is openly celebrating your brief-yet-potent time within it.  

The Greatest Gift … (02/28/14)

Siddhartha awoke with a start at the glimmering of dawn and simply knew — knew that he must set forth from his home; that he must leave his wife and his son and his friends; that he must abandon all his relationships and all the comforts of his royal life to rediscover the Great Truth […]

Knowing real Freedom … (02/27/14)

The number one thing you can do to liberate your mind: … Stop watching television. The number on thing you can do to liberate your life: … Stop defending a political party or supporting particular politicians. The number one thing you can do to liberate your Soul: … Stop treating animals as mere commodities. The […]

Waking UP … Reopening Openness (02/27/14)

Awakening is … opening up to a Friend; openly showing them you Care.  

Matthew 16:24 … Becoming true Followers (02/26/14)

“If any want to become my followers, they must deny themselves, and take up their cross, and follow me.” ~ Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:24) NEWSFLASH: if you are “following Jesus” to save the “lost souls” of others or to “attain salvation” for yourself, then you aren’t actually following Jesus at all. “For I was hungry […]

Waking UP … Sensing the Sonder (02/26/14)

Awakening is … realizing with a brilliant and all-consuming clarity that everyone around you in your life — each & every random passerby, each & every stranger, and each & every friend — is living a life as vivid and as complex and as important as your own; that their lives matter just as much; […]

No longer fools … (02/15/14)

Good God in Heaven! First the Republicans try to con us into thinking that they actually care about the common man, then Obama tries to con us into supporting his little war on Syria (and quietly continues to perpetrate his little drone war even as we speak), and now this … Hey Whole Foods … […]

Waking UP … Repainting Life (02/25/14)

Awakening is … seeing everything (& everyone) around you as a priceless work of art, and treating life itself like a blank canvas — perfectly pristine; waiting patiently for the next bold stroke of your brush.  

Waking UP … Wish Full-fillment (02/24/14)

Awakening is … comprehending the Truth that we need no longer cast wishes upon shooting stars; that every sincere desire of our Souls — every single yearning of any true worth or merit — has already been given us in full.  

Waking UP … Long-lost Friends (02/23/14)

Awakening is … remembering that every stranger you meet is actually a long-lost Friend … and acting accordingly.  

Waking UP … LOVE is Being There (02/22/14)

Awakening is … being there for others (gently & humbly & non-judgmentally) while they rediscover their own innate Cleanliness.