Contradicting Contradiction … (01/31/14)

“Farmers often condescendingly tell me that I should visit more farms so I can learn more about animals and how farms really work … I tell them I’ve rescued animals form their small farms and know what they’ve been through. My response to them is that they should really visit more animal sanctuaries so they […]

Waking UP … Beauty everywhere (01/31/14)

Awakening is … rediscovering the Truth that — while It is indeed a residence much larger than vast, and while we can thus never hope to witness even the smallest portions of its majesty — the Beauty of the Universe is always within you, and you carry It with you wherever you go.  

1 John 4:18 … The nonexistence of Hell (01/30/14)

Jesus made it quite clear that Heaven — at least the “Kingdom of Heaven” that he was fond of talking about — was not some glorious place we head to after we die. No, for Jesus at least, Heaven was (and still is) already “at hand” — Heaven was (and still is) all around every […]

Waking UP is Doing what we Can … (01/30/14)

Awakening is … understanding that service for others is the key to Happiness for ourSelves, and that EVERY SINGLE ONE of us can serve. It is understanding that we are not called to “save the world” or do things that are “awesome” or “great” or “spectacular”, but rather that we are simply called to do […]

Waking UP is heeding the Child Within … (01/29/14)

Awakening is … refusing to be conned by the false whisperings of your ego; the weak & cowardly voice constantly telling you that you are “only human” — constantly tempting you to “take care of yourself”. No, my Friends, Awakening is listening instead to the Voice of your Soul — the True Self that knows […]

Shattering Sadness … (01/29/14)

All a T-Rex has to do to transcend his rough days is simply not eat anybody when he is hungry … All you have to do to transcend yours is simply be Kind to a stranger when you are sad or angry or afraid.   I know it is tempting to revel in the misfortunes […]

Waking UP is Honoring death … (01/28/14)

Awakening is … consciously & purposefully setting aside all sadness & grief & mournings. It is powerfully honoring the dead by cheerfully living your Life.  

On the Road to Now … (01/28/14)

LOVE is always on the Road to Now: … always just west of the moon; … always just east of the sun. LOVE is always a smooth Journey to right Here; … right to where we already are. So how about heading there right now? How about pausing just long enough to look around to […]

John 13:17 … Love’s never-ending Mountain (01/28/14)

No matter how high we climb — no matter how much we learn or how much we achieve or how great we feel or even how much we serve, the Mountain of Life extends ever-upward. For there is always more to learn, and there is always more to attain and there is always more to […]

Waking UP is harnessing real Power … (01/27/14)

Awakening is … aligning your actions with forces more Power-full than “power”.  

John 8:31-32 … The Truths sets Free (01/27/14)

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples … and you will know the Truth … and the Truth will set you free.” ~ Jesus Christ (John 8:31-32) Many of you are probably familiar with this passage from the Bible (at least the last half of it), and yet I will wager […]