What is LOVE? … (05/21/08)

1)  Love has nothing to do with what you have, and everything to do with what you Do! … Love is not a thought or a feeling, but a verb — It is lifeless until enacted. 2)  Those who seek to attain Love for themselves, cannot ever receive It. 3)  Sex has absolutely nothing to […]

the Strength of gentleness … (05/11/08)

“Consider gentleness an act of Courage …” ~ Tarananda

on Self-Love … (05/03/08)

The ego-based belief that you need to harbor ‘love’ for yourself first before giving any to others is possibly the most destructive myth of the human mind … As long as you are focusing on getting enough of this tenuous ‘love’ for yourself, you cannot give ANY truly powerful Love to anyone else.  Besides, the […]