What is Faith? … (04/25/08)

As far as trust and Faith are concerned, I have a few thoughts based on my relatively extensive research into what these two concepts engender once they are engaged … First of all, it’s important to know what we are talking about … To define terms, ‘trust’ is a hope-based belief that a person will […]

How can I prevent identity theft? … (04/12/08)

As far as preventing identity theft is concerned, I only offer the following: 1) LET GO OF YOUR FEAR! … Whatever you are afraid of is strengthened and will more than likely appear in your life in one form or another.  To aid in this process of detachment, envision a ‘worst case scenario’ and then realize […]

Does God demand obligations? … (04/10/08)

In my personal experience, God (whatever or whomever you might feel God to be) has nothing to do with “responsibilities” or “duties” or “obligations”.  These are man-made restrictions on our “God-Given” ability to purely Love others in each Moment … That being said, merely because I am open to serving whatever Service is present in […]

2008 – Hawaii, Milwaukee, Georgia, Idaho, Spain, Utah … (04/07/08)

This was an event-full year of service & travel … I finished up my Hawaiian stint of caring for Bay & Prince (the two dogs for whom I was the caregiver) through May, during which time I took a three-week hiatus in March to travel to the Midwest where I gave a day-long seminar in […]

2007 Chicago & Hawaii … (04/06/08)

I remained in Chicago for the majority of 2007, helping out in a variety of ways — as a nanny for two different families, as a house-sitter and a plant caregiver and as a volunteer for a civil law firm’s “innocence project” (working to get wrongfully convicted men released from prison) … In my “spare […]

2005-2006 Georgia, Idaho, Washington, Chicago … (04/05/08)

After leaving the Big Island in November of 2005 to visit with family and friends in Germany, I returned to Wildwood, Georgia — to the farm of my Mom & Stepfather, in early 2006.  It was then that, after being asked to do so, I relayed to my family members there what I had rediscovered […]

2003 – 2005 Hawaii … (04/04/08)

Upon arriving in Honolulu, I soon realized that the passenger ferries that I was certain carried folks between the various islands did not exist!   So, I had to either come up with a plane ticket to the Big Island or remain indefinitely on Oahu.  Still, after my successful stint selling hand-made hemp & glass jewelry […]

2003 – Tacoma (Washington) … (04/03/08)

After my 45+ day stint in the “spiritual wilds” of southern Mexico, I returned to the United States in search of a place of solitude in which to digest what I had learned and experienced there.  Arriving in San Diego with five dollars to my name, I really didn’t know where that sanctuary would be […]

2003 – Mexico … (04/02/08)

When it became clear that my Purpose this lifetime could not be fulfilled in Germany, I decided to depart and travel the world in search of the place where I could enliven that Calling.  I flew to Oaxaca that summer and proceeded to live “on the streets” of that city in a “banda” — a […]

2001 – 2003 Germany … (04/01/08)

During these last two years of my ten-year stint living in Stuttgart (Germany), I began actively experimenting with “Archetypal Awareness” — essentially learning to access the greater intuitive knowledge at our disposal. I did so by first familiarizing myself with the essential meanings of hundreds of archetypal meanings — numbers, colors, directions, trees, flowers, animals […]

Service IS Joy … (04/01/08)

“I slept, and dreamed that life was but Joy. I woke, and saw that life was but service. I served, and discovered that service IS Joy.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore So … got JOY?