on visualizing vibrantly … (03/27/08)

Remember while you are attempting to manifest another’s healing (or are praying for anyone) to do so while visualizing a person who cheerfully wants to return to a Place of Peace & Wholeness … Remember as well that it is possibly in the best interest of the Universe (and possibly in their best interest as […]

Peace in Action (03/26/08) …

“These days, Dharamsala feels alternately like a temple and the seat of revolution. At times it feels like both. Every morning, thousands of Tibetans, young and old, those born in Tibet and those born in exile, march down the hill from the market of McLoed Ganj, shouting in English for justice and human rights, for […]

Can politics bring Peace? … (03/19/08)

As far as world politics is concerned, I have no immediate solutions, and it is not my purpose to propose any … Our egos are clever in their constant encouragements designed to keep us feeling hopeless and/or self-centered.  They would have us believe that we must stop war completely to effectuate Peace; that we must […]

Is there an afterlife? … (03/09/08)

I don’t know if these words will provide you with any consolation (as my experience has shown that only our selflessly caring actions can do so), and yet I offer them to you nonetheless … As far as my feelings about the afterlife are concerned, it is most important to preface my thoughts by stating […]

on surviving & thriving … (03/05/08)

Here is some of the “survival” advice I recently gave to a Friend walking as a mendicant from Tennessee to New York: 1)  Sustenance:  Avoid worrying about this one … Even in the most arid of climates, where there are people, there is food — and that food is abundant.  In addition, I have found […]

Reality is … (03/01/08)

“Reality is what persists and accumulates when you finally see past what you think you are looking at.” ~ William Cottringer