World Peace … (07/31/08)


Should we fight for friendships? … (07/30/08)

Oftentimes, one or more of the relationships in our lives reaches a clear point of separation — when one (or more) of our friends is clearly moving in a “different direction” than we are, or has adopted a set of beliefs that simply do not harmonize with our own. Sometimes it is we who are […]

Make your Life a Light … (07/29/08)

More than few folks have asked me what I am doing for my vacation this year — what I am going to do to “enjoy myself”.  And they have invariably expressed some degree of shock — if not a touch of downright dismay — when I tell them that I am using this time as […]

on Courage … (07/28/08)

“We remember Gandhi as a leader in India’s struggle for independence.  It is hardly an exaggeration to say that he brought the British Empire to its knees without firing a shot. He was a small man of great courage. His non-violent resistance was fraught with danger and the cause eventually claimed his life. Gandhi once […]

The River … (07/27/08)

The River “All water Flows beneath a Bridge That then Flows to the Sea, And each of us adds one more drop Sometimes no one will See … Yet altogether there’s a River Where apart, our drops would dry … And so a tide moves through the Sea And so – through You and I […]

To Be Human … (07/26/08)

WHAT IT IS TO BE HUMAN by Hal Boyle To be Human is to have an angel in your mouth, turning your prose to poetry. It is to have the gift of tongues, to know the language of all living things. Does a Human pause and turn an ear to a tree? It is because […]

When should we get Started? … (07/25/08)

What are YOU Doing? “You may have lived for 30 years, or you may have lived for 80.  Regardless, it is time to ask yourself:  What have you really done with your life? … Avoid dismissing the question by believing that you’re going to fulfill your Life Purpose later in this life or more fully […]

Who should we follow? … (07/24/08)

“A flash of lightning does not light your path, it does not serve you like a lamp in your hand; it only gives you a flash, a glimpse of the road ahead. But this single glimpse is very precious; now your feet are firm, now your will is strong, now your resolve to reach your […]

How should we deal with a “cold partner”? … (07/23/08)

Many of us are faced with partners (be they friends or lovers) who are not upholding “their end of the deal” — who are distanced, non-communicative, and generally not giving us the Love we feel we deserve. What is there to do in such situations? Well, the only “solution” I have is the same one […]

getting what you Give … (07/20/08)

To grow as a person psychologically, we must give … To grow as a Human Being — to grow spiritually, we must Give selflessly. Yes, it is true that Jesus is believed to have implied that we will be rewarded for our acts of giving, and yet it can NOT be implied that he desired […]

How should we deal with “rule-breakers”? … (07/15/08)

With regards to friends or family members (or anyone else) violating your “ground-rules”, remember that what you resist tends to persist.  This seems to be especially true for others’ behaviors … Thus, any attempts to change another’s mind-set are destined for failure, and will actually encourage them to entrench those same choices in even more […]