Camino Prayer … (09/29/08)

“The Camino … the Way … the Road … What is the Camino? Are we walking for the spiritual within us? Or are we searching for culture in the villages along the path? Is it for sport that we walk –  or as a tourist on vacation? The Camino is not for achievement or sightseeing […]

Greetings from the Road … (09/29/08)

“Thinking today about how Time & Space somehow “stretch” while on a pilgrimage of this magnitude/length … In the beginning of each day, before my personal walking-cadence is found (and before fatigue sets in), there is the normal stream of thoughts and ponderings.  There are also more pilgrims around, and therefore more friendly conversation … […]

Love is Knowledge … (09/28/08)

Like fish in water, You are in air and Thoughts are in the mind. Mind is in the Big Mind. The Big Mind in God is love. Emotions are ripples in love. Love is all knowledge. ~Jyoti Agrawal

Hello from Viana … (09/28/08)

“Made it into Viana and was wondering along the way — Who is this walking?  … up and down and around mountains every day eight hours a day;   Who is this sleeping?  … 100,20,10,4 pilgrims in two and sometimes three-tier bunk-beds;  Who is this praying?  … in abandoned monasteries where thousands have prayed, where […]

Greetings from the Path … (09/27/08)

“Today´s entry is dedicated to “the Pilgrim Family” that develops as one undertakes such a Journey with others … It seems that, regardless of our different walking tempos and cadences, many of us tend to meet up both during the day and at the end of our days.  And every time we do so, there […]

Hello from Eunate … (09/26/08)

“Pilgrims care for each others soles as well as their Souls.  Amazing what the context of the Camino does.  We speak the communal language of the road and find little need for more.” ~ Suzanna Alexander

Greetings from Puenta la Reina … (09/25/08)

“This entry is dedicated to the amazing beauty of this amazing country, with each hour providing us both with a different yet equally stunning view &/or wonder to behold … It has even inspired Suzanna to create the following poem: I am an already ripened sunflower, Still bowing towards the sun.”

Hello from Zubiri … (09/23/08)

Another journal entry from our Camino de Santiago trail-blog: “On this day, Scaughdt is thankful for:  The Divine (God/Allah/Chi/quantum energy) that resides within everything and binds all of us Together, the Beauty that resides all around us in every moment (if we but choose to LOOK), the Goodness inherent in every Human Being (even though […]

a Pilgrim is … (09/20/08)

A Pilgrim is … A pilgrim has a dream that constantly wakes him. A pilgrim awakens, even while he sleeps. A pilgrim has a vision that always carries him. A pilgrim travels, even when he dreams. A pilgrim is keenest when his eyes are closed. A pilgrim must sometimes forget everything in order to See. […]

How can I keep from “being used”? … (09/16/08)

While “being used” and selfless service may look very similar on the outside (both are actions that appear to be self-sacrificial), they are internally EXTREMELY different. When we are “being used” by another, it is an unpleasant experience that is unwanted and causes pain &/or fatigue — it is something that is forced upon us […]

the May You’s … (09/15/08)

May you sup contentedly on the fragrant wine of your life. May you stretch eagerly into the opening light of each new day. May you re-discover kernels of wisdom hidden in all unwanted experiences. May you find the consolation of gratitude when you are hurting, May you hear the tender voice of the Beloved calling […]