A Prayer for Community … (10/28/08)

A PRAYER for ONE … My dear Father … my dear Mother; essence of everyone & everything, help to free me from my delusions of independence. And let me remember now that I cannot ever come to solitude when I pray, because even when I am alone with You, I am ever intertwined with all […]

Greetings from Leon … (10/13/08)

“The Camino really is a time-space warp.  As I walk on Roman cobblestone roads and watch cars speeding by on the super highway near me, I wonder if they see me at all.  I see and hear them but I am going at such a different pace.  After two desolate days of walking a little-used […]

The Love of all Love … (10/12/08)

Vibrating in the sound of silence, Pulsing the Heart of all Hearts Radiating the Light of ALL Light Being the Love of all Love Just being…. ~ Jyoti Agrawal

Hello from Moratinos … (10/11/08)

“After two long-distance Walkings (40km two days ago and then 36+ yesterday), I have arrived just short of Sahagun in the tiny (population 20+) town of Moratinos — And what a Blessing that arrival has been!  I started the day flowing easily through the city of Carrion de los Condes, where I paused in what […]

Just BE … (10/10/08)

“The intense cultural acclimation period is over and now we want to stay – well not really – but our souls have been enriched. And isn’t that sense of soul-enrichment something we really hope for as this life goes by so quickly? Children grow, beauty shifts, lines of a poem seem to drift in and […]

Greetings from Burgos … (10/06/08)

“We may all start the day with good-bad dreams, concerns, hopes, thoughts but soon the rhythm of the sticks and steps erases it all.  It has been fascinating to see that on the most treacherous parts of the path, pilgrims have taken the rocks there and made spirals, snails, hearts, birds, and towers. It is […]

Hello from Santo Domingo … (10/01/08)

“An unusual day today, with many pilgrims we have never seen before and most of them walking very quickly past us … It brought me to pondering my/our tendency to look at life in terms of “goals” and “distances traveled”.  Just where is it we are all trying to get to?  And does it matter […]