the Birthplace of Truth … (11/24/08)

“I have long felt that none of our thoughts are truly original . . . We point our receptivity towards a certain level, and Infinite Wisdom does the rest . . . And [then] we share moments of Oneness that carry us far beyond what we call time, into vast regions of the Universe where […]

to know Truth … (11/14/08)

“If your knowledge of fire comes from words alone, then you must walk into the fire.  There is no certainty until you burn.”  ~ Rumi

Life is … (11/12/08)

“Life is not about how you survive the storm, but about how you dance in the rain.” ~ unknown

The Quest … (11/06/08)

“The ultimate aim of The Quest, if one is to return, must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the Wisdom and the Power to serve others.” ~ Joseph Campbell

What the Camino teaches … (11/01/08)

What the Camino Teaches … Traditional wisdom teaches us that life is not about suffering, but rather a call to “be happy”. The Camino teaches us that true Joy comes not with less pain or more pleasure, but rather during the transcendence of our discomforts via acts of Kindness. Traditional wisdom teaches us that your […]