The wondrousness of Whit … (05/31/17)

Walt Whitman would have been 198 today (may 31) … How wonderful that, even though he himself could not live this long, his words will live on far longer still …

James 3:18 … A Harvest of Righteousness (05/31/17)

“A Harvest of Righteousness is sown in peace for those who make Peace.” ~ James (James 3:18)   Essentially – and most importantly – this verse first & foremost reminds us all of the Truth that peaceful ends require Peace-full means; that we cannot ever attain Peace using force or violence, and that we cannot […]

An Ode to YULIN … (05/31/17)

Once again, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is underway in China, and once again quite a few folks are up in arms about the barbarically cruel way the dogs there are confined, abused, killed, and eaten … Well, to all those folks getting (understandably) bent out of shape over this admittedly disturbing affair, there are […]

Matthew 8:13 … Done according to Faith (05/30/17)

“Go; let it be done for you according to your Faith.” ~ Jesus (Matthew 8:13)   While most readers (and almost all theologians) focus on the last word of this verse, the most important word therein is actually its first – “Go.”  For Jesus did not say that all would be done according to the […]

Time for a rEVOLution … (05/30/17)

“It is a profound betrayal of the desperate and the defenseless when individuals who otherwise support what they choose to call ‘animal rights’ go on to themselves reinforce the notion that animals can still be used as commodities — as long as that use is somehow performed “humanely” … Indeed, advocates of ‘kind care’ and […]

James 2:13 … on Mercy & Judgment (05/29/17)

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” ~ James (James 2:13)   This verse is – especially as far as conservative Christians are concerned – one of the more important verses in the entire Bible; for it reminds us that we have all been called by Jesus to attain our Salvation not by criticizing or condemning the beliefs […]

Again — and again, as a Child … (05/29/17)

“When we finally realize that all animals are sentient … When we finally stop committing acts of rape on all species … When we finally see that their babies are taken away after birth and that their mothers mourn for months … When we are finally able to look straight into their eyes and feel […]

Hebrews 8:10-13 … Written on our Hearts (05/28/17)

“I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their Hearts … For they shall all Know Me … and I will remember their sins no more.” ~ unknown (Hebrews 8:10-13)   This is actually an Old Testament reference (see Jeremiah 31:31-34) evidencing the Truth that we are not to abandon the […]

Acting accordingly … (05/28/17)

“It is far more enlightened to be actively involved in the prevention of animal suffering, than it is to sit in the company of the holiest of saints while merely praying for the same.” ~ anonymous

Luke 5:24 … The authority to Forgive (05/27/17)

“The Son of Man has authority on Earth to forgive sins” ~ Jesus (Luke 5:24)   First & foremost, it is extremely important for all earnest students of the Scriptures to realize that Jesus was almost never referring to himself alone whenever he mentioned “the Son of Man.”  In other words, that he is certainly […]

Luvin’ on Dudley … (05/27/17)

This picture (taken a few years back) is of me and Dudley, a remarkably gentle rescued cow who until just yesterday lived at the remarkably wonderful Gentle Barn near Knoxville, Tennessee (Dudley died June 20th from a ruptured ulcer) … I remember how odd it was for me to sit next to this gentle giant […]