Meaning what we mean … (05/31/17)

Isn’t this a beautiful family? And isn’t it just as wonderful that we can all live long (actually far longer) and healthy (actually much healthier) lives without harming them — that we have no reason in all of the world to hurt them in any way? And yet harm them we do — we harm […]

The wondrousness of Whit … (05/31/17)

Walt Whitman would have been 198 today (may 31) … How wonderful that, even though he himself could not live this long, his words will live on far longer still …

Rape is a verb … (05/30/17)

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but cows are not born making milk. Indeed, just like humans and all other mammals, cows produce milk only after first becoming pregnant … So how do so many millions of dairy cows become pregnant to make “your” milk, you might wonder […]

Got Compassion? … (05/29/17)

Got milk? … If so, please stop.

Backyard hens … (05/28/17)

Newsflash: “Backyard hens” are NOT a moral solution … There is no right way to do a very wrong thing.

Not rocket science … (05/27/17)

Enlightenment isn’t rocket science … It’s simply taking a deep breath, sinking into the moment, and doing the next Right Thing.

The Warm & the Fuzzy … (05/26/17)

Mey you chersih your Friends … (05/25/17)

The bottom of the Morality Chain … (05/24/17)

When someone tells you “we humans are at the top of the food chain”, what they are actually saying is “I have absolutely no idea how natural ecosystems truly function, and my greed-based ignorance is directly contributing to the imminent destruction of the Earth’s entire biosphere.”

Not the least bit surprised … (05/23/17)

To grow UP … (05/22/17)