What Mom always knew best … (04/30/17)

Even when she wasn’t directly aware of it and even when she wasn’t directly communicating it, my mother — like so many of your mothers — taught me over & over & over again about Right Action. She taught me that bullying was wrong; that bigotry of every kind was to be boldly opposed whenever […]

To Care or not to Care … (04/29/17)

Remembering an earlier Integrity … (04/28/17)

Or, to put it another way: Integrity is remembering what our mothers taught us when we were toddlers — and then setting the same into motion as adults.  

How to Teach them … (04/27/17)

Every one of us knew what it meant to be Caring & Kind when we were toddlers — indeed, every single one of us knew damn well what it meant to be gentle and fair and just to others; ALL others. As such, it is not a matter of teaching those around us to learn […]

Just a bit of Tuttle … (04/26/17)

If you have yet to be exposed to the Beauty & the Brilliance of the wise words of Will Tuttle, today just might be the day …  

All our Worth & Meaning … (04/25/17)

I ask you most humbly: What good is our “personal integrity” if we do not bring it to life in even our smallest of deeds?  

The Choice of all choices … (04/24/17)

Here’s the only question I have for the majority of you: ……….. WHY?  

Wrongness regardless … (04/23/17)

Regardless of the species of the victim, confinement is WRONG — mutilation is WRONG — enslavement is WRONG — rape is WRONG — the kidnapping of children is WRONG — abuse is WRONG — and murder is WRONG. My dear Friends, there is never a right way to do a wrong thing … Please awaken […]

Respecting Motherhood … (04/22/17)

“For our nonhuman kin, motherhood is the very backbone of nonveganism, for without motherhood, the countless billions whom we bring into the world every year for the sole purpose of using and slaughtering them, would never exist … They would never exist — and they would thus never be confined to horrific, short lives of […]

The most Beautful Wish … (04/21/17)

“It is my wish that one day ALL mommies will be allowed to mother their babies without being used as slaves, or have their babies stolen and kidnapped before their very eyes. It is my wish for ALL mommies to keep their own fur and skin without being hunted down, for ALL mommies and babies […]