An Ode to Evolution … (06/30/17)

No matter what one happens to believe about how the human brain evolved over the span of past epochs, it is hopefully now clear to most that it is more-than-unwise to cling to outdated habits of primitive barbarism — especially when those behaviors are killing our selves, killing others, and killing our planet … In […]

What I want to Know … (06/30/17)

Greatness has nothing to do with achievement or wealth or influence or adoration, and everything to do with the “Spiritual Fame” that only comes to those who gently give in wholehearted anonymity.

The Math of Meat … (06/29/17)

The math of meat is pretty simple, really — Killing some animals to eat their flesh + loving other animals as heartfelt companions = inevitably treating fellow humans the same way; loving the people we find to be “cute” or “nice” or otherwise sympathetic, while shunning or ridiculing or even killing the rest. Labeling certain […]

LOVE ignores the non-Loving law … (06/29/17)

  “One has a moral responsibility to repeatedly & openly disobey unjust laws. Indeed, actions of resistance that extend beyond the law are not a departure from any just democracy, but are rather absolutely essential to maintaining the sense of justice and decency that sustain it.” ~ inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. & Howard […]

To Look in the mirror, to SEE what’s there … (06/28/17)

“Let no one regard as light the burden of his or her ultimate responsibility. To the degree that we remain silent while so much ill-treatment of the innocent continues — while the moans of thirsty animals crammed into railway trucks remain unheard, while the cries of newborn calves & piglets torn from their mothers’ embrace […]

Many ways to The Way … (06/28/17)

Sometimes LOVE takes the form of a smile and a hug, sometimes LOVE takes the form of a cup of a coffee, a blanket, and a bit of spare change … … and sometimes, LOVE takes the form of some courage and a sledgehammer.

No ordinary Moments … (06/27/17)

“You may not be the one to hold the knife, and you may not be the one looking into their pleading eyes as they are strung up by their hind legs, and you may not be the one who brings the stroke of death as their throats are violently slit — and yet by purchasing […]

To get filthy Rich … (06/27/17)

If you win the Lottery, you will become rich … If you give to others before winning the Lottery, you will know true Wealth. How ironic that so many strive for the former when it is almost impossible to attain, while so few engage the latter when it provides the far greater reward — and […]

First impressions, best Impressions … (06/26/17)

“When people raise children to believe in the religion of speciesism, they condemn their child’s soul, their mind, and their body to the lowest life possible — a life fully disconnected from the full beauty and the amazing diversity of life. They teach them not to hold gratitude or even interest in their world. They […]

The Problem … (06/26/17)

Fact: If you are determined to cherish what you own by harboring it for yourself instead of sharing it with others or giving it to those in greater need, you will ever remain the poorest of the poor … Things over money … Experiences over things … People over experiences …             LOVE over all […]

Opening UP … (06/25/17)

“To be free, we must free others. To know Love, we must love others. To have true self-respect, we must respect others. All the animals and all the other voiceless beings — the starving humans currently hidden in 3rd World poverty, and the future generations already on the precipice of slaughter-caused suffering — are pleading […]