Did you know? … (01/28/17)

Did you know that dairy cows only produce milk when they are pregnant? It makes sense, and yet we aren’t taught that when we were younger. No, somehow we were given the insane impression that “cows just make milk” — the insane notion that making milk FOR US is their job … And we were […]

Walking ON … (01/17/17)

Beauty is not what is seen by others as beautiful … Beauty is what is Done for others in Love. “Was she simply too shallow to suffer indefinitely, or was she too wise to become attached to her suffering; too feisty to permit it to rule her life? She voted for wise and feisty and […]

Birth of a Criminal … (01/14/17)

We are taught slavery is bad, and then told that enslaving animals is OK … We are taught not to harm animals, and then we are told that harming some animals is OK … We are taught not to steal, and then are told that stealing from dairy cows & bees & chickens is OK […]

A wish from the Heart … (01/11/17)

When Love becomes a verb, every discord becomes harmonious & every chaos, a symphony.  

Assuming the BEST … (01/10/17)

If I actually thought that all of you were “bad people” who just supported animal cruelty for kicks, then I wouldn’t post about veganism at all … I’m not doing it because I think you are “bad people”, I am doing it because animal cruelty is indeed BAD (far worse than bad, actually), because animal […]

Matthew 19:21 … Knowing your Prophets (01/10/17)

Regardless of what might be said about the relative sins &/or merits of the Christian church, there is little doubt that its primary tenets come from the letters of Paul. And without delving into the easily provable Truth that Paul’s gospel (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 + Romans 10:9) was actually a self-made theology that directly […]

Making a Difference … Saving the World (01/03/17)

What a beautiful world we live on — filled with stunning vistas, phenomenal beings, and noble possibilities … And yet this miraculous planet on which we live is very sick; and we are the ones who have made Her ill — we are the ones who have made Her ill, and She will soon be […]