The HOW for the What … (02/28/17)

Sharing our Wings … (02/28/17)

Romans 12:2 … Renewing the Mind (02/28/17)

“Be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the Will of God” ~ Paul (Romans 12:2)   While it is true that the “renewing of our minds” (i.e. the refreshing of our perspective – primarily by becoming “humble as an infant” in the way we choose to see […]

Just DO It … (02/27/17)

Romans 6:10-11 …Dying to death (02/27/17)

“The death he died, he died to sin … But the Life he lives, he lives to God. Consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God” ~ Paul (Romans 6:10-11)   First of all, note that Paul is speaking here about Jesus’ crucifixion and supposed resurrection; key points in the “Gospel of Atonement” that […]

Being like Jesus … (02/26/17)

Mark 13:37 … Remaining Awake (02/26/17)

“Be alert; I have already told you everything … Heaven & Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away … And what I say to all: Keep Awake.” ~ Jesus (Mark 13:23, Mark 13:31, & Mark 13:37)   That the Earth is fundamentally impermanent and inevitably passes away is a Truth known […]

Being like Fred … (02/25/17)

Philippians 4:5 …The nearness of the Lord (02/25/17)

“Let your gentleness be known to everyone … The Lord is near” ~ Paul (Philippians 4:5)   The Lord is indeed always near, my Friends — not in the “benevolent dictator hovering above” sense meant by Paul (and his followers in the modern-day Christian church), but rather in the “always residing within” sense of Jesus […]

Equality enlivened … (02/24/17)

James 1:2 … Nothing but Joy (02/24/17)

“Whenever you face trials of any kind, consider them nothing but Joy” ~ James (James 1:2)   One of Jesus’ favorite and most trusted disciples (see Gospel of Thomas 12), James was correct to encourage us in this way — for he knew that deeds are only powerful enough to bear “The Fruit of the […]