Sharing our Wings … (02/28/17)

The Miracle of Life … (02/22/17)

“I had heard of many babies being born before my own was born, and I thought I knew about the miracle of birth long before I felt my own child kicking inside my tummy.  Of course, when I experienced it myself, I was in awe at how perfect, and how purposeful the process of giving […]

None of us alone … (02/21/17)

None of us alone can fix all that is broken in the world, and none of us alone can halt all the world’s needless suffering, and yet each & every one of us CAN & MUST do our small-but-significant parts to put an end to the madness.   Please start doing the biggest part of […]

Good People at Heart … (02/19/17)

If I hear one more person try and explain to me that they are excused from supporting the enslavement, the repeated rape, the mutilation, and the murder of animals because the aforementioned in their case were all done “humanely” … (sigh) … But of course I am going to hear such silliness from you folks, […]

Reinventing Life … (02/17/17)

You can only reinvent your life when you reinvent your Self, and you can only reinvent your Self while you reinvent your Living — when you reinvent what you do; not by reinventing how you do it, but by reinventing WHY you do it in the first place … For as long as you are […]

Checking our Lists: Naughty or Nice … (02/12/17)

“Most people agree that it’s wrong to hurt animals. Most people are outraged, upset and angry to hear of animals being harmed – particularly when it is clear that the harm is completely pointless and unnecessary.  However the reality is that although they may not realize it, most people have to check on the species […]

Loving them both – Loving them all … (02/10/17)

Do you believe it is repulsive for people to chain their “guard dogs” outside in harsh weather conditions?  Do you believe it is unethical to use dogs as “bait” for fighting rings or in those fighting rings themselves?  Do you think it is disgustingly immoral for people in Asian countries to burn and boil their […]

Into the Looking Glass … (02/03/17)

Hypocrisy (noun) — the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not consistently hold, possess or enliven — some examples of which being: non-vegans who claim to be “compassionate people”, non-vegans who claim to “Love animals”, and non-vegans who profess extreme upset over other forms of animal cruelty. like dog fighting, dolphin […]

Life is NOT a Journey … (02/02/17)

As long as you see your life as a Journey, you will never get anywhere worth getting … For the only place ever worth getting to, of course, is the place you already are … Awaken to this Truth; the Truth that your life is not a span of time in which you “improve” or […]

Do you remember? … (02/01/17)

“Look at the picture below … Do you remember the time when all animals were your friends, when you loved them and your innocent mind would never have thought of harming them or killing them and eating them? Now stop … Turn back your mind and unlearn the lies you have been told since those […]

Dancing is The Way … (02/01/17)

“To live means to be creative, and to be creative means to be in love with life. You can be this kind of creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance the Beauty of something nearby; you want to bring a little more music to a relationship, a little more poetry […]