There Christians, and there are CHRISTians … (12/31/16)

Thinking on those things … (12/30/16)

NOTE: It is LOVE that is always all of these things.

Stand UP for those beaten down … (12/29/16)

Banksy & Star Wars … (12/29/16)

Enough said … Truly; much more than enough.  

No place for placement … (12/28/16)

Reading the Bible bigger … (12/27/16)

The true Word of God … (12/26/16)

Champions of the Downtrodden … (12/25/16)

Today I am especially thankful for vegan activists everywhere. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to have the courage to open your eyes to See the suffering, to open your hearts to care for the abused, and then to bang your head on the often uncaring wall that is society’s disturbing (and sometimes repulsive) […]

Matthew 6:19-20 … a Lessening of Stuff (12/25/16)

Actually, despite the vehemence of this meme — Jesus said nothing of the sort, and indeed often encouraged his followers to do exactly the opposite — to worry not about their material needs, to give more than they received, to make their lives about Love, to share of their Selves more than their stuff … […]

On behalf of Angels in need … (12/25/16)

Saving the World … (12/24/16)

48 years ago today, this image of the Earth rising above the horizon of the Moon was captured by the astronauts of Apollo 8 — the first manned lunar mission in human history … Some three years later, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell witnessed the same stunning “Earthrise” and was overwhelmed with emotion — emotion […]