Banksy & Star Wars … (12/29/16)

Enough said … Truly; much more than enough.  

Champions of the Downtrodden … (12/25/16)

Today I am especially thankful for vegan activists everywhere. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to have the courage to open your eyes to See the suffering, to open your hearts to care for the abused, and then to bang your head on the often uncaring wall that is society’s disturbing (and sometimes repulsive) […]

Matthew 6:19-20 … a Lessening of Stuff (12/25/16)

Actually, despite the vehemence of this meme — Jesus said nothing of the sort, and indeed often encouraged his followers to do exactly the opposite — to worry not about their material needs, to give more than they received, to make their lives about Love, to share of their Selves more than their stuff … […]

Saving the World … (12/24/16)

48 years ago today, this image of the Earth rising above the horizon of the Moon was captured by the astronauts of Apollo 8 — the first manned lunar mission in human history … Some three years later, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell witnessed the same stunning “Earthrise” and was overwhelmed with emotion — emotion […]

Luke 6:46 … The Way of Christ (12/24/2016)

This holiday season, I am thankful for the actual Way, the actual Truth, & the actual Life of Jesus Christ … Indeed, despite what many Christians might say to the contrary, The Way of Christ actually has nothing to do with Jesus at all — nothing to do with worshiping him as if he were […]

A Message from Wilbur … (12/08/16)

What if I told you that my human owner raised me and my pig and chicken cousins himself? What if I told you that he raised us from the time when we were babies; that he cared for us and nurtured us and even gave us names and allowed us to become part of his […]

Why I’m vegan … (12/05/16)

Why am I vegan? … It’s really not rocket science.

No humane rape either … (12/04/16)

In a word, “humane slaughter” is absolute bullshit … Just ask any woman who has ever been date-raped.

Murder is murder … (12/04/16)

Here are the FACTS: #01) Milk is meat … #02) Meat is murder … #03) Loving animals requires being vegan. Be moral … Go vegan … Thank you.

In their Youth … (12/04/16)

Every single animal killed for your mere convenience is butchered in their youth — murdered when they are nothing more than young children … As such, it doesn’t friggin’ matter how well they are treated before they are killed — because in the end, in their mere youth — after they have had but just […]

Unreasonable Reasons … (12/03/16)

Almost every time I speak with anyone about the massive cruelty inherent in the unnecessary tradition of humans eating animals, the person I happen to be speaking with comes back with their own favorite “reason” for doing so — reasons that often make sense when heard through the species-bigoted lenses of our current culture, and […]