The Way to BE … (05/31/15)

Infants only see the Divine all around them — they have neither fog of ego to pierce nor haze of convention to peer through when looking at those they meet. They always see the other for who they truly ARE — a direct manifestation of God; a conscious facet of the Universe; a potential Friendship […]

Calling it what it IS … (05/30/15)

Earlier this month, pro-meat food critic Josh Ozersky dropped dead in his Chicago hotel room at the ripe old age of 47 … Later, Dan Dronsfield honored him in a report about an event Josh founded — “Meatopia” (a meat-focused facet of the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival). Inspired by the not-so-delicious irony of […]

Luke 6:27 … To LOVE like we Do (05/29/15)

“As much as we would like to do so, we cannot force others to see Love as we do … We cannot force others to let go of their fears, to become vulnerable to real intimacy, or humbly attempt to walk the Truth of LOVE from the perspective of the OTHER … No, most of […]

Luke 6:30-35 … To Give the Giving (05/28/15)

The one time in the Bible where Jesus was intensely pressured into explaining the Salvation about which he so often spoke, he opened up and clearly stated that his “Kingdom of Heaven” was not a paradise of pleasure to which we travel someday after we die, but rather is a state of Bliss-full Being that […]

Re-membering Memorial Day – Part 1 … Awakening to Truth (05/25/15)

For those who might not know, today is Memorial Day — a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in that country’s armed forces … Well, seeing as how the only way to truly honor anyone is to speak Truth, I thought I would pay homage to all […]

Re-membering Memorial Day – Part 2 … War: the Enemy of Peace (05/25/15)

You know, Memorial Day would be a lot more memorable if it didn’t celebrate millions of brutal & needless murders. But don’t tell that to your favorite politician … or your favorite gun lobbyist … or your favorite weapons manufacturer. The United States has made war its favorite answer — indeed, often its only answer […]

Re-membering Memorial Day – Part 3 … Calling to the “Unfallen Dead” (05/25/15)

I realize that Memorial Day is a day typically reserved for honoring those Americans who have physically died in battle, and yet there is another death that takes place in combat that doesn’t require that one’s heart stop beating … Yes, my Friends, there is an emotional death that occurs in battle — a psychological […]

Re-membering Memorial Day – Part 4 … What GOD really wants (05/25/15)

After studying the texts of the Bible intensively (and personally testing its various teachings radically) for the past eleven+ years of my life, at least one Truth has remained constant — folks (Christian & non-Christian alike) can pretty much use the Bible to justify whatever behaviors they want to justify. *On the one hand, the […]

Re-membering Memorial Day – Part 5 … Bringing them HOME (05/25/15)

Home is not only where you were born, and Home is not only where you grew up, and Home is not only where your family lives, and Home is not only where you feel most comfortable … No, my Friends, HOME is where your Heart resides — in every task you engage fully present, in […]

The Power of LOVE … (05/23/15)

This is such an amazingly Beauty-full world we all live on — filled with so many brave & noble humans, and so many brilliantly compassionate & wonderfully gentle creatures … I feel so blessed to be doing my small (and faith-fully significant) part to encourage the former to finally one-day treat the latter to all […]

Building life anew … (05/23/15)

It doesn’t matter the district or the region or the state — or the party … Corruption has thoroughly infested America — a country where democracy has truly died and a land where the only thing “leaders” govern is their own personal comfort & their own political longevity. My American Friends, your country has been […]