John 14:20 … Awakening the Christ within (06/30/15)

There comes a moment of reawakening in the life of every person; a moment when all fear & yearning is set aside long enough to allow a touch of the Soul to rise up into consciousness — a moment when the Essence of the Great Divine simultaneously shines down and illuminates the shadows of “stranger” […]

Extreme Compassion … (06/29/15)

ummm … Let me see … I think I’ll choose extremism. “So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but rather what KIND of extremists we will be … Will we be extremists for hate or will we be extremists for Love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or will […]

The same moral Nadir … (06/28/15)

“The feeling that members of one’s own species deserve special moral consideration compared to members of other species is old and deep. Indeed, the only thing more strongly forbidden by our culture than killing people (outside acts of war — unfortunately) is eating people (even if they are already dead). And yet somehow most of […]

Matthew 10:34 … Wielding the Sword of Christ (06/28/15)

Almost invariably, when discussing the nature of Jesus Christ with my Christian brothers & sisters, the conversation at some point tends to turn to his infamous (and courageously brilliant) call for us all to “Love our enemies” … As a non-religious-yet-thoroughly-devout Follower of The Way (a radically selfless style of living championed by Christians and […]

1 John 4:7-16 … on God & gays (the basics)

“Beloved, let us Love one another, because Love is from God; everyone who Loves is born of God and knows God. Indeed, whoever does not Love does not know God, for God is Love … No one has ever seen God, and yet if we Love one another, God lives in us, and his Love […]

Taking FLIGHT … (06/27/15)

“And who can say that we can’t fly? … Our wings, though featherless, raise us as high as our hearts can carry. We could stay weighted down by the words of others. We could choose to drown in their doubt. We could allow their condemnation to burn a hole through our hearts. We could … […]

A Taste of TRUTH … (06/27/15)

“There’s a very deep peace of the mind and calm of the Soul that comes from removing your life from the inherent violence of turning beautiful, living, feeling beings into butchered bodies … The raw, brutal events that occur at places such as slaughterhouses, feedlots, factory farms, family farms, processing plants, egg hatcheries and insemination […]

Improving your VISION … (06/27/15)

Tell you what I’m going to do … I’m going to go ahead and give you the answer to this riddle (a riddle, by the way, that the average 8 year old can solve in well under thirty seconds) … The answer is 87. Can you figure out why? HINT: Just like with anything else […]

Hunting is not Seeking … (06/27/15)

“What qualifies as a ‘good reason’ to kill when there are plenty of other, healthier, kinder things to eat than animals? What qualifies as a ‘good reason’ to kill when there are plenty of other ways to feed our families? What qualifies as a ‘good reason’ to kill when there are hundreds of other ways […]

This thing called LIFE … (06/25/15)

“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true … It’s called Life.” ~ Terry Pratchett The fact of the matter is that today is quite possibly the very last day you will ever have to go and BE what you were truly born to BE — […]

Acts 10:34-35 … Blessed are the Peacemakers (06/24/15)

“Blessed are the Peacemakers … Love your enemies.” ~ Jesus Christ P.S. Real LOVE is a verb. P.S.S. Telling someone else that they are going to Hell for their actions (“sins” or their beliefs (“blasphemy”) is NOT very Loving and is NOT a way to make Peace … Indeed, even believing in or worshiping a […]