Unplugging (January 31st)

January 31 – “Unplugging”: All day today, refuse to use your electronic communication appliances. This means no watching TV (unplug it), no using your cell phone (turn it off) and no talking on your traditional phone (take it off the hook). It can come as no surprise to most that – at least in the […]

Sincere Humility (January 30th)

January 30 – Sincere Humility: Seek out a preacher of a “rival faith” and ask him/her about Salvation, listening openly without judgment. Offer your own insights only if you are asked to do so — and be very brief if you are so asked (This is a humble listening mission, not a proud preaching one). […]

Letting Go (January 29th)

January 29 – Letting Go: Gather all of your old photos together. Go through them and put one (1) of every three (3) photos into a pile to give away. If some are not “givable”, burn them in a cleansing ceremony this evening. The more we cleanse ourselves from the things to which we are […]

Caring for the Humbled (January 28th)

January 28 – Caring for the Humbled: Visit a local jail and bring the inmates there inspirational reading materials (humor is always inspirational). Ask if you can visit with them as well. If you are allowed, do so. Ask them how they are “holding up” and intently listen to their answers. Let them know that […]

Kindness to Animals (January 27th)

January 27 – Kindness to Animals: Go to a local animal shelter and be kind to the animals next scheduled to be “terminated” — Walk them. Pet them. Feed them treats. Let them know that, at least for today, they are Loved. Despite our best intentions, one of the common traits of being human is […]

Symbolizing Joy (January 26th)

January 26 – Symbolizing Joy: Invent a new punctuation mark that represents Happiness. Then, write three letters (one to a friend, one to a family member, and one to an acquaintance) and use your new symbol profusely. Be creative enough that at least one of the three is likely to ask what the symbol means. […]

Spontaneity (January 25th)

January 25 – Spontaneity: Every hour today, do something completely “random”. Simply listen to your “gut” &/or flow with “first thought, best thought”. Choose to make all your decisions – major as well as minor ones – “on a whim”. At first I though this activity would be exactly the same as the tasks mentioned […]

Rewriting Personal History (January 24th) …

January 24 – Re-writing Personal History: Take some time to remember three (3) of your past personal “tragedies”. Re-envision each of them anew, seeing yourself responding with Nobility and Grace in the face of their pains. Ponder them until you realize what you have learned from them and write those lessons down next to the […]

“Last Place” (January 23rd) …

January 23 – “Last Place”: Today, be the last person to depart from every space you occupy — Be the last to leave home, the last to rise from any table, the last to stand after a meeting or a class, the last to depart from any room, the last to leave a gathering, the […]

Being Bold (January 22nd) …

January 22 – Being Bold: Make or buy an outrageous hat and wear it all day today. So how in the world would wearing a silly hat help me to empower my latent, caring True Self? Well, if you think about it, we each expend enormous amounts of energy subconsciously trying to “fit in” with […]

The Meaning of Life (January 21st) …

January 21 – The “Meaning of Life”: Take a community survey with regards to the question “What is the Meaning of Life?” Ask at least one elderly person, one child, one friend, one preacher, one relative, one homeless person, one “wealthy” stranger (anyone in a business suit &/or driving a “fancy car”), one dog and […]